So, your kid isn’t much fond of maths. He finds it as horrifying as Anabelle? Or maybe more than that? 

You seriously need to take appropriate measures to fix it for him. He must change his perspective toward mathematics because it is one of the most powerful elements of knowledge in the world. But, keeping it on his nerves all the time will be devastating for his overall wellbeing. 

Moreover, you cannot say “ok, leave it if you don’t like” because it’s a compulsory subject.  

An only way to get him out of this perplexing system of numbers is to make it interesting for him 

How Come?  

Turn math into an exciting game – playful questions. 

Well, you can do it yourself for your kindergarten child, or maybe grade one and two students with certain limitations. 

But, what about the grades up next?  

Mathlete got your back, helping your children improve their ability to perceive and think logically. 

Practice Maths Online Using Mathlete  

Pakistani students are often found falling behind in mathematics because they usually lack proper practice, even if they have a high-quality curriculum. 

According to published statistics, the average maths score for grade four students in the National Education Assessment System examination was 433 out of 1,000. Moreover, the report deduced that a majority of the students scored very poorly in computations and geometry.

To make things better, it becomes necessary to promote mathematical skills in students; encouraging them to keep practicing different quizzes. 

For the reason that living in the era of big data and digital transformation demands the youth to have a solid foundation of logic, analytics, and critical aptitude. Well, how they can grasp such a difficult-to-digest subject because many students try devising escape plans rather than taking it as a challenge to compete and win. 

Mathlete is here to help you make your kids practice maths in a fun way without burdening their brains. 

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Mathlete Comes with Dual Operations. 

MATHLETE – Let’s Play Math (A Project of ArhamSoft ) is a humble effort of making maths an easy and exciting subject for kids and teens. 

It’s the most amazing math quiz game for students from grade 3 to matriculations and O/A levels you will ever come across. 

Mathlete is not only a math-learning platform but also provides the students with an opportunity to play maths – proving their arithmetic skills and win exciting prizes.   

McDonald’s Mathmania is the first initiative in math’s quiz competition under the banner of Mathlete and there are more to come. As the name implies, ArhamSoft launched this contest in collaboration with the famous fast food chain in Pakistan – McDonald’s. 

Let’s Cut to The Chase!

Not much fond of mathematics? Sounds terrifying subject that keeps on frying your brain? Throw away the worries because McDonald’s Mathmania is here to help you do it in a fun way.  

Join your hands with us to make this venture successful by engaging students to learn, compete, and win exclusive prizes, including McDonald deals based on the points they earn. All the participants need to earn more and more points and redeem McDonald’s deals.  

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