So, your business website is live now … Perfect! You have all the essential pages you need with engaging content and the layout is bomb digs. Everything just seems to be too amazing to provide a positive experience to your site visitors – believing that potential customers will stay longer on the site, return for second engagement, and ultimately increase referral traffic, inquiries, and sales – an ideal scenario indeed.

But reality can knock you out of the market competition if you don’t take a second and evaluate whether or not your site’s flow is seamless – pleasing users with easy navigation. This is a user experience that should be as incredible as your overall website design. 

If you’ve read our previous post on tactics to create an outstanding web design, you know what UX design is and how it can help improve the functionality, usability, and efficiency of your website.

Having an awesome website and which certainly comes with a lot of benefits of working with a renowned web design company like us means you will be ensuring a great online experience for your users. 

That being said, what happens as your business grows and you realize some areas on your website should be improved. There are certainly a few things you may not know about or think to update, but actually they are somehow essential ingredients to make your website look and perform a lot more professional. 

No Worries! 

In this blog we are walking you through some more advanced features and a few easy adjustments to make your visitor’s experience better. 

Let’s dive into those things! 

AI Chatbot:
AI is taking over the business world. Observing all the digital transformation around, a chatbot that pops up every time you open the website and asks visitors if they can be of any help.

These bots, unlike real customer support representatives you might need to put on turbo mode to cater to all user inquiries, get your back – they function 365/24/7. 

This advanced feature will give your company a strategic advantage over competitors by providing better customer service uninterrupted. Here, you need a little bit of coding that could be done easily by your hired web development agency – a code snippet will be added to your site and you will be good to go with dealing with the online queries from site visitors.

Scheduling Tool:
Another great integration to consider is the “scheduling” feature that could be a lifesaver for your business. Well, it significantly depends on the services you provide. For instance, an online coaching website needs to schedule calls a lot. The scheduling tools like Calendly is great support.

You can easily replace the daunting task of emailing back and forth with this incredible feature that supports both incoming and outgoing calls – and, even clients can pick a day and time to schedule a session or call on your calendar as connected to this website component.

You and your clients/customers can do pretty much anything – from scheduling calls, classes, meetings, private sessions, workshops, and more. It greatly helps in making the user experience easy breezy for your online visitors. 

Scroll-to-Top Button:
Simplification is the backbone of delivering flawless user experience. For instance, if you have a one-page website – all information on a single landing page and that’s being really too long will be a real pain for your visitors.

Reaching at the end of the page – we call it footer – may not be a hectic thing, perhaps one time only, but scrolling all the way back to the top may push people to the point where they preferably leave your site for this inconvenience.

It may sound small, but the impact could be devastating when it comes to user engagement and business growth. Don’t consider it a trivial issue, especially when you have a solution.

Add a sticky scroll-to-top button to your site that allows users to smoothly navigate back and forth on long pages. 

Pro Tip:
Add ‘Related Products’ section on your eCommerce website that pulls the products sharing the same category, class (e.g. brand) or tags as the current product a user is looking at. It will help you increase your average order value and hence, revenue per visitor. 

And, now there you have it all to optimize your website for improved user experience. Implement these changes as per your need and you would love the outcomes in the form of increased website visitors, extended sessions, more sales and revenue. 

So, don’t delay and take your time evaluating your website pages where you can integrate some of the advanced features above to have a great UX design. If you cannot do it on your own, get professional web design services

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