Fueled by emerging technologies, and eCommerce trends, website design continues to define the thriving future of businesses.

You need to pick the right theme for your online marketplace to drive business value, prospects and sales.

Delivering the best brand experience demands you to create or revamp your website design.

What you need to consider herein?

  • UX/UI functionality
  • Security and scalability
  • Customization and flexibility
  • Cost and benefit analysis
  • Overall design management

Well, the most possible setback you may face is consumer’s attention span that’s getting shorter with constantly growing digital transformation – people, today, are more distracted than ever.

For how many times you visited a website, found your desired item and then abandoned the cart because of the missing payment mode you can pay with, or a complex navigation even doesn’t allow you to explore the products to pick the right one. People usually abandon a website if they don’t find it engaging or face difficulty in searching and ordering the required item.

An unattractive layout of your eCommerce website will increase the bounce rate and cart abandonment frequency.

So, accept the reality of your consumers’ busy lifestyle and better capture their attention from the start – your brand success lies in the website design.

eCommerce Themes & Frameworks
Online brands must explore eCommerce themes and frameworks because these are the most popular avenues of selling online with absolute success.

The best thing about these solutions is that they offer a pre-set UX/UI design and functionality with all necessary modules an online store must contain and that can be customized to deliver your consumers a superlative brand experience.

For instance, Incartoo (a product of ArhamSoft) is a fully customizable eCommerce solution to build and grow your online store.

How to pick the right UX/UI design for your eCommerce store?
First thing first, no two themes or frameworks are made equal. So, you need to do research – extensively.

This blog talks about the most vital elements you must take into consideration when choosing the right theme for your online store.

Determine Necessary UX Features
An attractive design may engage a customer, but may not translate into conversions.

Let us explain.

In today’s digital world, customers expect more in the form of advanced UX features as they opt for online shopping.

Brainstorm well and determine which essential UX features you need to focus for your eCommerce store.

Ensure that following features should come native to your selected design.

  • Fully responsive layout
  • Mobile optimized
  • Retina ready graphics
  • Unique page layouts
  • Products slider module
  • Ajax cart and quick view
  • Easy checkout process
  • Multi-language support
  • Faster loading time (any device)
  • Guided search and navigation
  • Compatible with eCommerce plugins

Develop Powerful Content Strategy
After mapping out your required UX features, you need to work out your approach to content.

Now, you must be wondering in which context your website design depends on content and why it is important to showcase relevant content on your site?

Content strategy can save your business worth online. It’s a multiplier.

Content relevancy helps improve user engagement and the type of content you will display on your eCommerce site helps you determine which theme will best support it.

Let’s dig into much-needed content material to consider.

  • Product images and videos
  • Blog posts and social media
  • User-generated content (UGC)
  • Featured images and videos

Check What’s Already Out There
If you want to make a good mark amongst the competition and knock out the rivals, you must know what they are doing – their online selling traits.

Explore the websites of your major competitors and see what and how they are selling online.

You will certainly have two prime takeaways that make it a great reason for you to make a broader online business planning.

  • You will get a pretty good idea about the most-expected features in your target industry.
  • You may also learn about what to stay away from for meeting the consumer demands.

With this information about your competitors will help you select a theme that enables you to create a personalized user experience for your brand.

Last but not the least is to determine where to host your website. It could be an eCommerce platform or on a CMS (content management system) – WordPress eCommerce themes are the bestseller as they keep up with the UX design trends.

Wrapping up:
To handle the complexity of selling online, you need to build an attractive eCommerce website with all essential and engaging UX/UI features. Create a responsive online store that not only showcases your products, but speaks well to your customers. Here you must understand what technology or UX functionality empowers the website designs you love.
If still in a fix then ArhamSoft (Pvt) Ltd. as a leading web design services provider is your right partner for IT solutions you need to build an online store for your business.