The key struggle for any branding expert is reaching the target audience. Marketers are not psychologists, but they must know the science of consumer behavior – why do people buy what they buy? What influences their purchase decision? Why and what they should care about your brand? What brand value they seek for? – And a lot more.

The best solution to cater to consumer intent is ‘considering your brand a union of science and art’, and use it to your advantage by adopting modern methods.

You cannot just run ads online (Facebook or PPC marketing) or put them up on billboards over the roadside, and hope for much positive interaction. You have to think about your ideal consumer base.

As a brand owner trying to make your mark in the business world, you need to focus more on product development, raising capital and other important tasks – with increased likelihoods of putting your branding strategy on the back burner.

Here are most commonly observed mistakes you might be making when it comes to branding.

1- Lacking the brand voice
The most common branding mishap is to only think about the visuals you are putting out into the world. Well, it’s a significantly important aspect of your brand image, but not the whole thing. You must also take the time to build a strong and fertile brand voice that you think can best represent your company’s personality, and speak to your business prospects and customers.
Find your own powerful brand voice and never compare it to others.

2- Not listening to target audience
Spreading the word about your company is mandatory, but don’t rush with it without knowing how to speak to your audience. And, for this you must listen to your audience. However, avoid overcomplicating the things. Harness the power of simple, understanding tone, keep everything easygoing and stick to your commitments.
Don’t ask people about their problems only, but talk about the possibilities – show them how to solve it.

3- Overlooking the brand logo
Another horrible branding mistake is having a cringe worthy logo or not having it at all. If you think that having a persuasive company name or quality products or affordable services will help you stand out the competition. Then, unfortunately, you are in the wrong because business logo design is the most essential element in building your brand.
Don’t forget about logo because misleading messaging may not bring you a setback.

4- Losing the authenticity
Whatever you do must be authentic. The most incredible branding efforts concentrate on the art of storytelling. However, most of the narratives that come across are unauthentic. Make genuine content public based on your true business chronicles.
Keep the fabricated stories at bay. Use factual stories to spice up your provided services with a reliability factor.

5- Keeping it vague
Don’t trap in the dilemma of vague language. Simplicity marks the thumb rule. While encouraging the audience to engage with your brand is certainly an important part of brand development, it is also crucial to avoid using the buzzwords like ‘paradigm’ or ‘skyrocketing’, or jargons like ‘due diligence’, ‘unicorn’ or acronyms
Describe or spell out the terms first to make your not-so-tech-savvy audience easily digest your brand message.

6- Overlooking social media
Build your brand on social media. Post content that adds value. Teach your audience, inform and entertain them. Spread all your positivity and treat your business prospects and potential customers with more affection and connection. Branding is all about how powerful sound you can create with consistency to keep your community engaged.
Don’t ghost on your audience, show up and make constructive noise as much as possible.

7- Depleted cohesion and consistency
Be consistent. Show up every day and never take your audience for granted. Be there for your people. Create a steady stream of beneficial information and learn to ignore what is not important. Approach your branding efforts as a constant stream of assertive content that flows smoothly.
Tell people what you have learned, share your unique experiences, and business goals and share the benefits of your offering.

8- Forgoing customer relationships
Make an influential impact. Build more valuable relationships to create a solid community. Communication skills are important, but not enough. You need to be able to build an audience first and for this listen to the people first. Know their pain points and then deliver your message in a strong way together with the solutions your customers are looking for.
Be open and compliant. Show interest in your audience and build relationships.

9- Rebranding recklessly
The mistake many marketers make is not being able to nurture their rebranding efforts. Show your face and display your real identity. Take proper care of your existing branding efforts and don’t be a copycat. Provide your people the value they seek for, but not getting from your competitors.
Be yourself and show your own style of marketing and rebranding.

10- Not investing in personal branding
While more and more personal brands are on the uprising, there’s a pressing need for business owners to display their unique aspects for all to see. Your brand is not a separate entity, but a subset of YOU (owner, founder) – here for brand building you need to act like a solopreneur. Showing yourself in your brand doesn’t mean posting personal stuff or photographs on social platforms, but tell the community your personal learning process, unique experiences and inimitable goals.
Come out of the shadows and build your brand with your face value to dominate the game.

Key Takeaway – Branding isn’t easy and you need to work effortlessly to maintain your brand’s integrity. Be a branding genius wherever you go and avoid all the above-mentioned terrible mistakes.

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