Living with a reality which poses spine-chilling challenges and ambiguities is what COVID-19 made humankind go through. Having said that, it is to believe that more or less all the occupations have endured the hardships of the pandemic. To meet with unprecedented trials, businesses were forced to drag their absolute resources in this uncertain period.

By exploring this voyage, ArhamSoft (Pvt) Ltd. carried out the mandatory possible measures for survival.

Let’s get to know about it!

1- Expedite digital revolution
Before hitting with the bitter truth of pandemic, we have already been working through digital channels. But due to changing scenarios posed by COVID-19, we further took steps to expedite the digital transformation process. By realizing the need that digital transformation will help achieve more operational efficiency, we ensured that all our employees are having ICT mediums.

Doing so, as a renowned IT outsourcing company, we witnessed even more smooth collaboration and communication among stakeholders. We came up with all the possible solutions to defeat hurdles, save the costs and reinforce stakeholders interests in an optimal manner.

2- Remote work policy
With the need to shift the working paradigm, we have adopted the home setting for the traditional work style. We devised a remote work policy to maintain the social space and stimulated a fair process of collaboration to bring the best out of the workforce. To ensure employee productivity during such time, we enforced transparent communication.

Our managers and administrators have worked in an earnest way with the employees & clients to ease up all the difficulties they faced concerning tasks. Our leaders have shown commendable skills and continued to channelize operations perfectly. Adding an icing on the cake, we enabled Time Doctor services as well through which managers could easily scrutinize the employee productivity as they work virtually.

3- Lowering distress in workforce
The trend of remote working style, especially for the people who work 9-5 was unusual. The creation of virtual workplace has generated challenges whereby employees have been found demotivated, busy in their personal tasks and frightened to the unexpected outcomes, including losing the job and salary cuts, etc.

By analyzing the existing condition, we fully engaged our resources through employee engagement activities. In addition to this, we communicated with all the stakeholders on fair grounds and continuously updated them about the current policies and decisions. We cleared up doubts of employees about layoffs and didn’t go for downsizing at all.

4- Facilitate client collaboration
Clients are our assets. Sticking to our core values of reliability, authenticity and flexibility, we keenly observed the project life cycle to provide value in deliverables. By maintaining the status quo of a healthy relationship with clients, we achieved their attention and trust since the beginning.

During this unprecedented time, we continued to do the same and facilitated the client in the best possible ways. We even modified some of our project terms and conditions for them and provided the financial leverage as well.

5- Revert with care
After a span of more than four tiring four months, things have started to move to the normal position. But this phase also calls for precautionary measures and well-being guidelines. We have disinfected the workplace and provided briefings to the employees to consider the possible defensive mechanisms.

Employees are getting on board in shifts and we are calling them in department wise, especially those who reside in town. Their seating arrangement is done according to the SOPs of social distancing.

Bottom Line
By opting the above strategies, which was not an easy job but we managed by remaining true to our goals and visions and worked to provide maximum benefits to our stakeholders. We prioritize to invest in our resources and their prosperity so that they could work wholeheartedly and dedicatedly towards the organizational goals.