As we all know how Covid-19 pandemic has affected the world economy. B2B marketers despite being extremely dynamic in nature couldn’t make the best out of their tried-and-tested tech-driven ways to connect with potential clients. And, today, now they need to create and embrace a holistic B2B marketing plan in response to post-pandemic reality.

Now, we are emerging from the pandemic’s consequences (well, not really but to some extent) this is the high time to create business marketing strategies to reap utmost benefits that you might miss in the near past.

Here’s the top 6 takeaways to arise from the previous recessions.  

  1.   Stay Tuned with Your Market

You must prioritize listening to your customers and consider how they define value in your business niche. For the reason that what they value at present will certainly be different from the previous year, or even a month ago. Whether you do it through surveys, emails, direct phone calls, social listening, paid advertising tests or monitoring consumer behavior through different channels. What’s mandatory is to stay updated about your market trends and customer preferences and that will help you craft and convey your brand message right.  

  1.   Bring Your Customers Confidence

Yes, the confidence of making the right purchase decision is significantly important, especially when the future is uncertain and your clients have tight budgets. Here, your potential buyers need to be more self-assured in the products and services they tend to buy. Here, your business success metrics, case studies, customer referrals, testimonials, and positive advocacy, etc., will work as your credibility proof necessary to build client confidence. It’s a great way to keep your customers engaged for the coming months, particularly if your content marketing budget is tight due to pandemic.    

  1.   Build a More Human Approach

People feel more attracted to brands who care for them and speak their sentiments. Remember, in hard times a few people buy, but the majority listens to brands that show them care. If you talk less about your business and more about how to help your target community during the pandemic uncertainty, people are more likely to engage with your brand. You can develop a sense of certainty and resilience by adding a sensitivity factor to your brand message. It will help you keep your audience engaged across the B2B board because all individuals and businesses have been severely impacted by Covid-19.

  1.   Nurture Trust and Show Value

Don’t force it to sell. Provide value. Go with the flow and take a more human approach to build more stronger relationships and create trust. The uncertainty that pandemic has brought along has shattered the reliability of many organizations; mainly because they lack the marketing strategy in response to Covid and hence lost the business. So, now, in the post-pandemic times you need to put more effort to keep your business relations warm and growing.  

  1.   Quick Wins in Consumer Marketing  

There are several ways to win quickly with your loyal customers being the rich resource of brand reputation, revenue generation, referrals and advocacy. You can set up a net promoter score program to identify the business opportunities and reduce the market churn. Look after what you already have in your arsenal – the loyal consumer-base because new leads often took longer than expected to convert during the downturn. So, develop a proactive B2B marketing plan to cultivate this segment.

  1.   Stay in the Market; Enabling Powerful Sales

Since the marketing budgets are the first to go during the recession – and even after that when things get back to track as in a post-pandemic situation. Here, you need strong decision-making skills essential for business survival and growth. Moreover, sales enablement should be working twice as hard as normal to ensure getting conversions during this period. Sales automation, email templates, and video demonstrations will help improve your B2B marketing efficiency and help salespeople in their everyday work.

Remember, this is not the time to turn your back on the customers and to go dark on your target community. It’s during the downturn – the uncertain and tough times – people seek for their familiar brand voices. They need to know about your presence and for this, you may need to fight hard for your marketing budget; not to do some cool things, but because it’s the need of time to stay in the market – engaged with your audience.

We, at ArhamSoft (Pvt) Ltd. have dedicated resources to support businesses and help them innovate and grow even during post-pandemic through solid B2B marketing plans.