Reaching beyond the boundaries of marketing, it is significant for every business to have a social media presence. Among social media channels, Instagram also possesses a huge online community with more than 1 billion active users. 

It would be beneficial for marketers to drive web traffic and potential leads if they make the best use of this platform. Moreover, with Instagram advertising services, businesses can drive brand awareness, increase consumer base, and win sales through visuals. 

A feature of Instagram named Instagram stories has been used by marketers in the past few years. In this document, we will explore why Instagram stories are helpful in advertising.

Read on further to seek the answer.

  1. Create Product Tutorials
    IG stories are eminent in the header of the feed and with a tap you could view it. In order to engage the audience and make them familiar with products and services. They could create product tutorials and show the audience how to use the products and discuss its particular features as well. The nature of stories which are sequential in nature is highly effective and engaging. It helps influence the decision of the target audience to be a customer.

  2. Conduct Polls
    A cool aspect of Insta Stories is the Poll – a great source to hear the customer voice that will help you improve your services. Knowing the audience behavior you will be in a better position to decide which CTA (call-to-action) button will work the best for you.

    For instance, when users seem inclined to a specific product/service, you can use the ‘swipe up’ (provided it’s a business profile with more than 10k followers) button and navigate them directly to that particular destination.

  3. Promote Events, and Deals
    Marketers have the opportunity to create an IG story to display highlights of previous events, promote the forthcoming ones and enhance the audience’s interest in them. Just not only interest, but they persuade and compel them with the catchy offers and discounts on products and services. Such benefits in return move the people to the sales funnel more quickly.

  4. Creator Studio
    After the merger of Instagram with Facebook, the Creator Studio is the most appropriate tool that allows the marketers to get a closer insight of their Insta Stories – know the reach of specific stories without logging in to your Instagram business account. The best part is that soon they can also upload their stories from their Facebook account. More is yet to come. However, so far Creator Studio is an amazing tool that will help marketers meet the challenges of tomorrow. 

Final Thought:
Getting to know about Instagram lead generation and what IG story holds for marketers, you will definitely follow their footprints and develop your brand very soon.