Are you tired of spending money on your Facebook ads?
Not to worry at all! Your landing on this page will alleviate this trouble. From now onwards your spending on Facebook ads campaigns will not be wasted. In the coming times, you will be able to connect with your audience in a persuasive way.

The below-mentioned guideline will help you to devise an effective Facebook ad strategy. These fundamentals will give you a firm notion of getting the most of your Facebook ad campaign. This portion of digital marketing will be finally getting a better shape and help you attain more followers and sales. Promote your business offerings uniquely and be ready for conversions.

Let’s get started with it!

1. Video is Mandatory:
Answering the most asked question which is about adding videos in Facebook Ads or not. Significance of video in Facebook Ads can’t be denied, it is a powerful tool for advertising. The benefit of using video ads is that this form of storytelling could be beneficial for promoting offerings.

By watching just a text ad, customers might not get convinced and instead a video ad could play its part. The message would be delivered effectively and will create a strong impact on the customers. Run your Facebook ad campaign by adding videos not just for getting visitors, but targeting them to be the lead and customer.

2. Generate Manifold Sets of Ad Copy:
Why is creating multiple ad copies important? Often it gets difficult for experienced copywriters to come up with something that drives results. It is generally suggested to create sets of ad copies with many headlines and ad texts pointing at one message.

These copies could have a description of a minimum 125 characters. Run split tests on your ad copies and get to know what works.

3. Ad Placements:
This is something to ponder on. Just placing ads on Facebook wouldn’t suffice the need. You have to be cautious where to place the ads. It could be done on Facebook and other platforms as well. You could normally place the ads in feeds, stories, in-streams, search, messages, in the article, in apps and sites, etc.

Apart from it, Instagram and Audience network could be used for ad placement. Ads placements on Instagram will engage the users at a higher level. Likewise, placing ads on Facebook as per requirements will yield affirmative results.

4. Maintain a Low Frequency with High Relevance Score:
Being a marketer, you must not leave aside these two Facebook ad metrics which include frequency and relevance score. Frequency depicts how many times a user has seen your same ad. If the frequency is 2, it means the user has seen an ad with an average of 2 times. It is recommended that frequency should be kept low.

On the other hand, the relevance score should be high. It will be inspected on the basis of how relevant the ad is to the audience. It will be rated from 1-10. Positive response from the audience in terms of views, clicks, shares will make the score high.

5. Emphasize on Mobile Content Primarily:
It is to suggest creating the content initially for mobile users. Why is it so? The content for the desktop doesn’t fit well into mobile view whereas mobile content is suited for the desktop. Besides, creating content for mobile should meet its best practices and formats.

Furthermore, you have to add vertical video in your campaigns so that mobile users could easily expand the video.

6. Know Your Audience Well Before Targeting:
Facebook is quite renowned when it comes to targeting options. It would be wise if you get to know your audience first. According to targeting criteria, considering age, gender, location, and interests, etc.
This is how you could make the most of your ad campaign by investing on the right ones.

Final Thought:
With the aforementioned strategies, you are definitely going to get the best out of your sales funnel. Follow the steps in the right way by having a vivid ad campaign aim, then narrow down the audience, spend the required budget, and then monitor the consequences. These parameters will make you predict and hold great ROI.