LinkedIn is a social networking site for career development. This professional networking medium is free and offers features that reinforce people in growing connections, share job experiences and skills and make a way to hold their dream job.

Like other social media platforms, LinkedIn keeps on updating its features. By making the most of these features, the process of personal and corporate branding would be reinforced. We would like to inform you about some of the latest features on LinkedIn.  

Let’s get to know about it.

  1. New Layout

LinkedIn has rolled out its fresh features not much time back. What is this new look all about? Brighter than ever before, it has a pastel-type color combination over a white and gray background – less of that conventional “LinkedIn blue” This transformation provides an entirely new look and feel that’s more or less like Facebook.  The new rolled out intuitive structure brings easier than ever navigation and discovery. 

In the fresh aesthetics of LinkedIn, some features have also become a part in which LinkedIn stories are leading. It is discussed in length in the next section.

  1. LinkedIn Stories

LinkedIn has launched its story feature in the USA and Canada for now. It is believed that LinkedIn stories will be available for worldwide users very soon.

The duration of the story is also 24 hrs like Instagram and Facebook. This feature, currently available on mobile, will enable you to show a sneak peak of your professional accomplishments to your connections within your network. What will happen by doing this? This opportunity will allow you to cultivate and nurture valuable relationships in your domain. By sharing content in this way, you could also receive private feedback on it. 

Apart from that, brands could use it as a tool to provide a glimpse about the latest events and information. This form of interaction will inspire your audience to show confidence and trust in you. So, reaching a wider audience will be a lot easier through a positive word of mouth.

  1. Video Meetings

Focusing on making audience interaction more convenient, private messaging options have been modified. For people who prioritize private chats will definitely like these features.

What’s new in that? It includes reactions to chats with emojis and video conducting facility in the message strand.

Within no time you will be able to conduct a face to face video call within the chat feature with the help of Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and BlueJeans by Verizon. It is an advantage that the members will not have to leave the message thread or those who are not having a Zoom meetings account.  

Furthermore, you will be given the option of rectifying or deleting the sent messages and selecting the bulk messages at the very moment to mark, delete, or archive. 

Final Thought:
In contemporary times, where every professional is having a LinkedIn profile. So, using these new features will make their experience rich and satisfying. So, does it excite you to use these features to make your networking hub a much convenient landscape.