The effective use of social media nowadays is the need of the hour. Especially when we talk about Facebook where over 2.41 billion users reside, it would be wrong if we fail to bring the best out of Facebook Ads. This time the purpose at hand is to grow email subscribers.

From brand awareness till conversions, Facebook Ads are your handy tool. You will have to invest in this to grab such people who are interested in your products and services. This document will bring the procedure into limelight you could follow to increase your email list.  

Let’s get started with it.

  1.     Focus on Primary Offer

You are asking your audience to be a subscriber. So, what will they get in return? Before offering something, just make sure that it is something of value. Since it would be the first time they will be in touch with your business. So, your impression should be rated on the positive scale.

If you are operating a service business then it could be a lead magnet. It is the content in the form of a checklist helpful for the subscribers.

  1.     Your Website Should be Ready

While using Facebook Ads, you are supposed to prepare a landing page so that a visitor could find only one option and that is to hit the subscribe button. They will not be able to skip the call to action (CTA) as this stand-alone page doesn’t provide them an opportunity to get away with sidekicks.  

It is advised to make this landing page mobile-friendly as many visitors also prefer to use handheld gadgets.

  1.     Prepare your Success Page 

After becoming a subscriber, you should show them a success message. For Facebook Ads, it is customarily recommended to use a separate page for success notification. The aim behind it is that you will be able to precisely track the leads.

By notifying them that they are a subscriber now. It should guide the subscribers for their further journey about the lead magnet. Last but not the least, you could also try another CTA on this note persuading them for the first purchase.

  1.     Time to Integrate Facebook Pixel

As we talked earlier about tracking the leads, it will be done through Facebook pixels. What you have to do is to just install it on your sign up and success page. It has two components, i.e., base code and event code. This tool will give you a clear picture about what your visitors are doing on the website.       

Base code encompasses the ID of Facebook pixel and it tells about page views, general events, and microdata. On the other hand, event code will enable you to track the actions of the customers on the website.

  1.     Build Robust Emails Sequence 

After receiving the subscriber’s details, you have to generate an email order. In the first email, you have to send them a lead magnet or the offer you hold for them. It should be sent to subscribers within half an hour after subscription. In the welcoming email, you must highlight what your subscribers should expect from you.

In this way, you have to keep on sending emails and allowing them to know how you care about them.

  1.     Strengthen Relations in Follow-up Emails

In the subsequent emails, your motive should be to develop a meaningful relationship with your subscribers. By letting them know what makes you different from others. An email should be finished with a loop to read another email. This is how you have to create a story making subscribers waiting for your next email.

Such emails will adhere to the sales pitch convincing them to be a conversion.  

  1.   Start Crafting Facebook Ad Campaign 

After email is set up, it is time to take a step towards Facebook Ad campaigns. You could either go for lead generation or conversion objectives. Primarily, you will name the campaign corresponding to your objective. Define your audience whom you want that ad to reach.   

You are having the option of a lookalike audience as well for creating a new audience. Moreover, you could use the option of custom audiences if you require email IDs of people who are already connected to you on Facebook and Instagram. After defining ad placement and allocating budget for the campaign, run the ad.

  1.     Tracking your Ad Performance

In the event manager, you could measure the campaign success. By using Ad Manager, you could see granular data to identify the leads generated. Keep an eye on click through rate. If an ad works well then 1%+ CTR will be most probably for cold audience, whereas 2%+ CTR for the warm audience.

If the statistics are not up to the mark, then try to make a compelling CTA. 

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