Have you ever tried recycling your content to provide the readers a new value and meaning? It’s a great way to meet your business needs without consuming a lot of time – it’s quick but not as simple as supposed to be copying and pasting old scripts into new formats.  

ACE method is what you actually need to ensure a good user experience.  

  • Adjust
  • Combine
  • Expand  

To start, find the spots you can modify content to make it more meaningful and updated. See where you can add, expunge or rephrase it.

Next, get all the related content together and combine the subtopics to give your script a new value.

Lastly, identify and incorporate strong, compelling points by digging deeper into the primary topic and expand it into something more meaningful.  

How to Repurpose Your Content?

Think about your audience first. Don’t create content just for the sake of content creation.

Set an end goal – converting potential prospects into valuable, loyal customers. For this, you must add value to your buyer’s journey – develop a content idea that can attract, engage, and delight your future prospects.

Think comprehensively, keeping the ACE method in mind.

You can create a guide by collecting, transforming, and extending several blog posts. or, you can develop a video series using already existing guides with significant changes and rearrangement of the content, all while keeping the consistency of your message alive.

Here’s a few tips to get the most value out of your repurposed content.

  • Make sure you determine the topics you want to write about and take the content produced from the ground up. This will greatly help you to organize your daily content demand and make it much easier to achieve your goals.  
  • Don’t republish your repurposed content immediately after publishing the original piece. Wait for two weeks, at least so that search engines get enough time to find and rank original content.     
  • Always repurpose and republish your top-performing content. Yes, that’s true because if a content piece is performing well on one platform; for instance, on your website then chances are higher it will also perform well on another platform.

Benefits to Reap from Repurposing Your Content:  

Creating more and more content isn’t an answer to expand your brand awareness or having your website appear atop on search engines. A rapidly evolving search landscape needs you to keep producing and reproducing unique, meaningful content.

Get your coffee and continue reading the advantages of content repurposing.

First, it allows marketers to reach and engage a new audience. Content repurposing works best when used in multi-channel marketing – this is where your target audience is looking for the content; all the places they search for content in a specific format. So, reform your message in different formats for multiple distribution channels.  

Second, it supports the consistency of your brand message. Normally, buyers won’t trust anything they come across and therefore, it requires businesses to keep repeating their message. It’s a kind of marketing thumb rule that the majority of the prospects want to see and hear your marketing ideas and concepts multiple times before making purchase decisions.

Third, it brings you a great opportunity to rank high on Google search results. Consider your content as a design theme that is showcased in different formats like web and mobile and hence help you secure more search engine rankings. So, reformat your content into new versions and get it in front of the potential prospects, through various distribution channels like blog, YouTube, SlideShare, etc. who care about what you have to say, but couldn’t see it otherwise.

Last but not the least, content marketers can get rid of ‘what to write about’ situations as they start repurposing their content on a more consistent basis.

Pro Tip: Consider restructuring your weekly short-form content initiatives to expand into monthly or quarterly campaigns tied to your brand message and marketing offer.

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