In an age where the mobile apps development trend is escalating rapidly, one must know the right technology for its development. There is a wide range of tools and technologies out there for its development procedures ready to give you a headache. You must be aware of the best technologies and you should utilize them for developing your mobile applications.

Which technology should you choose?

This document will address the novel mobile app technologies which are listed at the top in the current year.

Continue reading to find the answer.

  • Flutter

Flutter was created by Google in 2017, it is a free and open-source UI SDK (software development kit). It utilizes Dart programming language and React Programming Structure to deliver high-performing mobile applications. Any mobile app development company which wishes to develop cross-platform applications prefers to use it. Considering its advantages, it stands as one of the best types of Google software. Well-known apps developed using Flutter include Refectly, Google Ads, Xianyu, and others.

  • Java

Java was launched in 2008 and is preferably used for android app development. This language is quite easy to comprehend and possesses open-source tools to assist developers. This object-oriented programming language is conventional amid many programming languages. The reason for its preference is that it operates fast with a minimum resource utilization. Renowned apps developed with Java are Telegram, See Weather and VLC media player, etc.

  • Python

Python is one of the other programming languages which is easy to read and understand. Its syntax is not complicated and quite clear. It is a powerful language which could be utilized for both mobile and web app development. It could be your choice as it assists to develop scalable apps and has outstanding library support. Famous apps built with it include Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest, etc.

  • Swift

This type of programming language was created by Apple in 2014 and is for iOS devices. It is secure, fast and could be used for both mobile and desktop apps. Its novel features make programming easy. Due to its distinguishing features, it was ranked in the top 15 best programming languages of 2018. Some of the highly known apps developed and updated using Swift incorporate LinkedIn, Hipmunk Lyft, and more.

  • React Native

React Native is a mobile application framework which was created by Facebook in 2015. It is an open-source framework that helps to build cross-platform native mobile apps. It is based on React.js that is written in JavaScript. Its major merit is using the same codebase for cross-platform applications. React Native is utilized in one of the top mobile apps in the world which include AirBnB, UberEats, Facebook Ads Manager and Myntra.

  • Kotlin

Typically used for Android applications, it is known as an advanced version of Java. Developed by JetBrains in 2011, its modern language features made it recognized as one of the official Android development languages in 2017. Pinterest, Trello, Evernote, and many other apps are developed in Kotlin.

  • R Programming

R is a programming language widely used for Data Analysis and Machine Learning. It helps to examine and analyze the data and deduce statistical inference. It is a trustworthy programming tool of academicians having superlative built-in libraries and frameworks. It is easy to learn and provide meaningful outcomes.

Final Thought:
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