A website redesign pertains to alteration in structure, content, code, and visual presentation of the website.

Website redesigning tends to provide numerous benefits to the business. So, when should you consider it? This blog post puts forth convincing rationales for website redesigning so keep reading this document to find the answer.

Let’s get started with it.

  1. Obsolete Web Design

It is to say that your website is the online face of your business. In order to make it attractive, you have to upgrade it timely. What will happen if your web design is obsolete? If it is so, then visitors will leave your site within no time, and consequently, you will be unable to meet your sales targets or other accomplishments you have with your website. It will also create a negative impact on SEO ranking. Its poor functioning and looks will not make it credible whereby visitors may switch.

Now, your question would be that when should we redesign it? Since technology is changing rapidly, your liaison with an IT outsourcing company for web redesigning should preferably be done after every year or two. Get your web design updated with what is in trend. Make its content, structure, and outlook more appealing.

  1. High Bounce Rate

The bounce rate indicates the percentage of web visitors who abandon the site soon after landing on it. Consequently, there is a high probability you do not acquire the desired number of conversions and sales. Through Google analytics, you can check the results. In this scenario, a makeover for your website will be helpful in the form of website redesigning. The visitor is having a pinch by not getting what he needs from your website.

While overhauling your website, bear in mind the importance of properly designed and placed call-to-action buttons and easy navigation. Since, both play a vital role in decreasing bounce rate through enhanced user engagement and hence, drops the cart abandonment rate – resulting in more sales and therefore, profits.

  1. Overloaded with Visuals

When your website is having too many images it will increase the loading time and which is not good both from the business and SERPs point of view. The site will take a lot of time to load and consequently affects your conversion rate. What should be done? We know sites without images will look too barren. You have to display a few images that enhance the grace of the site with perfect alignment.

Redesign your website with reduced image sizes, but without affecting the quality. You have to create a balance between image quality and site speed. Here, the best possible solution is to install a lazy loading plugin – content loading plugins support high-resolution images (even in large quantities like on traveling or photography websites), audio and video elements, and animations by using lightweight lazy sizes script.

  1. Not Mobile Optimized

In this digital age, most of the users are opting handheld gadgets. Keeping in view this condition, it becomes imperative to make your website responsive and mobile optimized. If it is not like that, then you might drop potential customers.

Hence, you must engage a web design services provider to redesign and develop your website complementing mobile responsiveness. Expand your reach to a broader audience by giving them the freedom to access your services through any device.

  1. Doesn’t Support HTTPS

For a website, safety and privacy matter a lot. A visitor will not put his trust on you if he is notified that your website is not secure. They will never be going to visit you back. What to do? Acquire an SSL security certificate to enable HTTPS for your site. When your website is starting with HTTPS then diminish your worries about disclosure of personal information to a third party.

HTTPS will provide encryption, integrity, and authentication, which guarantees that your business and user data will neither be tracked nor get corrupted during transfer.

Wrap Up:
Keeping in view the above reasons, we are sure that your future business ventures will go much smoother with an updated website with all modern and responsive design attributes. We at ArhamSoft (Pvt) Ltd, have skilled resources to deliver you a top-notch website with contemporary design elements to ensure the seamless user experience necessary for your business growth and development.