Amidst digital marketing, email marketing has been effective to attract the potential audience for driving sales of the business. Over the period of time, build long-lasting and fruitful relationships with the audience and hit the customer’s inbox in the right way.

What is actually an inactive email subscriber?  

A person who doesn’t find email content enticing enough and hesitate to open or click it for at least 5-6 months would be encompassed in the category of inactive email subscribers. This script will showcase a bunch of solutions of how you can re-engage with inactive email subscribers.

Let’s take a look at it.

1.  Conduct a Survey

Fine, we know that there are inactive email subscribers. The proposed solutions will still not be feasible if the root cause is unidentified. Their feedback will be helpful in disclosing why they are considering and responding to your emails. Once, you will have a clear picture of what your subscribers want, your email marketing procedure will bring the results you want.

Cutting the long story short, an insight of users’ needs and desires will let you shape up the right content.

2.  Pick Up Compelling Subject Lines

By far, this aspect has been found the most intriguing. After figuring out the subscribers’ preferences, focus on pitching a compelling theme. As per research statistics, around 64% customers tend to open an email keeping in view its catchy subject. You could certainly make this tactic an essential fragment of your re-engaging inactive email subscribers strategy.

In order to create a persuasive subject line, you should try different topics with different word limits and value schemes. Build up captivating topics which propels them to read the email. For example, are you no longer with us? We want you back! Is this your active email address? There is no goodbye! And many more.

3.  Go for Retargeting Campaigns

The purpose of retargeting campaigns is to just win back the inactive email subscribers. But, for this you have to pull up your socks and don’t leave any loose end behind. Your re-engagement email should be aligned with the users’ concerns. Starting with a captivating email subject, your content must signal the subscribers that it is time for a reunion!

This form of reconnecting should contain something appealing, referring to how they could benefit from it. Lastly, add a CTA to redirect them to your desired landing page.

4.  Incorporate Special Deals

Obviously, you have to get your not-so-active subscribers back again. There should be something pushy and interesting which makes them believe you really care! What to do? Offer them a discount or an incentive and it will be worth it. A start over should precisely reflect that you are assuring them your loyalty.

This may be helpful in accomplishing the trust of subscribers and realizing your efforts and the potential of exclusive offers, they get back on the track.

5.  Segregate Your Email Subscribers

Is it worth doing? If you want your endeavors to move into the right direction, then certainly do it. When everything seems fine and still subscribers are not showing interest, then another change in approach is to do segregation of email subscribers. You could do it depending on customer type, buying behavior and other interests.

Next step should be the customization of email content as the user prefers. After perceiving what fits their interests, they become avid to your emails.

6.  Revise Email Schedule

Another powerful way to re-engage inactive subscribers is to identify the time at which they could easily read your emails. This calls for revision of the email schedule. As per survey results, the email open rate is more on the working days instead of weekends.

So, as per your audience segments, you could define at which day and what time you have to craft an email. Remember, sending too many emails to your subscriber will annoy him and surely, you do not want this.

Wrapping up:
In an era, where developing a healthy association with your audience becomes mandatory, these tactics will surely bring out the best from email marketing to re-engage inactive subscribers.