Your website represents you in the digital world and helps you grow your business. There are certain targets which are achievable through websites including brand awareness, capturing the right audience and sales. If it is not performing well then, these goals get affected. You need a high traffic business website to grow sales, improve leads and boost conversions. 

While there could be a number of reasons for low traffic on your website. This document will let you know how to overcome the issue of low traffic on websites and obtain more conversions.

Get ready to dwell in it.

1. Try User Testing

Significance of user testing lies to confirm your assumptions you have made in the form of a website. This website usability testing will give you worthwhile feedback to improve the conversion rate. What you can do is to ask the users about the major actions they have performed on your website.

Here are some questions which you could include in your questionnaire. Is there something on the website which puts you in trouble? What issues do you encounter while placing an online order? After getting to know what inhibits users on your website, you can surely make a call to your web development company. All these alterations on the website will help improve user experience, and hence conversion rate.

2. User Session Recordings

Like user testing, you can capture user session recordings. What will you achieve from this? You will have a clear picture of your user behavior on the website. It will be easy to know where the user struggles and what hinders him to take the action.

These behavioral insights will allow you to comprehend the entire journey of the user on your website. Later on, you could easily work out on the areas which let your users move away from the website. Let me give you an example of a tool which you can easily afford and works smoothly as well. It is Hotjar and through this you can record sessions and also conduct feedback polls.

3.  Incorporate Feedback Tool

Apart from user testing and user session recordings, you can also add a feedback tool on the website. This tool could be a live chat form to facilitate the visitors for their queries. You could solve their immediate concerns in real time and help them to be a conversion.

This interaction with users will be beneficial and you could take into account the key areas to fix to upgrade the website.

4.  Sort Out Tech-based Issues

Tech related issues take place on the website which ultimately affects website traffic. Oftentimes, the website doesn’t work adequately on some browsers and devices. Apart from Google Analytics, you can use to identify where the issues lie. Get the problems solved and keep your website free from all the glitches. 

5.  Improve Site Speed

What does it have to do with website conversions? Website speed is directly proportional to conversion rate. The higher the website speed is, the more chances are there for visitors to convert. If your website loading speed is more than 4 seconds, then customers will most probably leave your website without performing any action.

By using online tools, you can measure the site speed. Afterward, your contact with an affiliated IT outsourcing company will be fruitful. You could ask them to improve the site speed. Consequently, there would be an increase in website traffic and conversions as well. To measure the site speed, you can use GTmetrix, etc.

Final Thought:
Indeed, website traffic fuels in to get conversions. At ArhamSoft (Pvt) Ltd. you will find great committed resources who have expertise in web development. You will definitely jump into the phase wherein you will achieve website conversions.