For many growing businesses, success means acquiring new customers and that’s also at the lowest cost. However, to remain competitive and profitable, businesses should also focus on customer retention for increased company revenue.   

Focus your time where it matters the most. Aim to build and grow your community, not merely a website visitor count.

To reach a wider community is one thing, developing and keeping a loyal consumer base is another – both are equally important. However, customer retention is vital to boost your revenue because it helps increase your customers’ lifetime value.  

Want people coming back to you? Keep educating or entertaining them (or both). If you don’t, your competitor will.

Your customers don’t need excuses, but SOLUTIONS.

Consider your audience’s habits and challenges and that will help you build lasting relationships with your potential customers. Build trust and credibility by creating a smooth and reliable customer experience. Provide solutions for their pain points. Ensure them you aren’t just another e-store or a website. People trust only those brands with their money who give them the value they need in exchange, not otherwise. 

Help your audience see value and achieve their goals using your products and services.

Turn Strangers into Visitors – seeking solutions to their challenges.
Here, you need to empathize with their problems and help them by providing a meaningful and memorable experience. Don’t brag about your product, instead focus on promoting your brand value and personality.

Convert Visitors into Leads – build lasting relationships with your website visitors.
Here, you need to create a long-term marketing strategy including, PPC marketing to help them visualize success using your products and services. Give them the solutions that perfectly align with their goals.

Convert Leads into Customers – leverage the emotions of potential consumers.
Here, you need to create a personalized sales pitch to convince them how your product or service could exactly help them in coping their challenges and achieving goals.

Leverage The Post Conversion – encourage your buyers to embrace your brand.
Here, you need to build a more cohesive inbound marketing strategy to continue providing your customers what exactly they need.    

This is where you must focus more on customer retention. Businesses want to decrease turnover and this happens with increased customer loyalty besides improved products and services.

The hype and excitement of acquiring new customers aside, retaining the older consumers is also an incredibly important revenue stream for businesses.  

Customer Retention – A Profitable Sales Strategy

Despite the lesser known status, customer retention is a low-cost approach than pursuing new customers and can actually be more profit-making.

Here’s the key advantages of customer retention:  

  1. Cheaper than consumer acquisition.  
  2. Upselling & cross-selling of products.
  3. Increases revenue, decreases competition.  
  4. Build strong advocacy; enhances brand image.
  5. Successful referral system for more business.
  6. Reduces promotional overheads.
  7. Boost your employees’ confidence.

The probability of selling your products to existing customers is far higher (up to 70%) compared to a new prospect (up to 20%).   

It’s not easy to keep customers, but with a great strategy you can bring them back to purchase more.

  • Set realistic sales goals. 
  • Map buyer persona.
  • Anticipate consumer journey.
  • Perform A/B testing on the website.
  • Build an unparalleled first impression.
  • Develop a powerful value proposition.
  • Reduce buying process frictions.
  • Understand your prospects’ pain points.
  • Reward customers with loyalty programs.   
  • Encourage people to provide feedback.
  • Build a dedicated customer retention team.
  • Use great content to educate potential buyers.
  • Meaningful communication to engage better.

Surprise, delight and motivate your existing customer to come back and buy more.

Customer retention plays a vital role in business success – more sales, more profit. It’s cheaper than acquiring new customers and is a great way to reduce operations costs. Building a loyal consumer base not only helps in increased revenue generation but also encourages your sales and marketing personnel to perform with more dedication. Remember that customer retention will not improve overnight. Therefore, you must have robust, profitable strategies up your sleeve to retain customers and boost ROI by an incredible margin.