What we are going to do is to wrap our head around the second wave of COVID-19.

Is this really happening?

Every business has already suffered a lot and now again this challenge is on the verge.

Not knowing what this another phase of pandemic holds for us, we have to try our best to confront it. Again, this time calls for firm measures so that it doesn’t cause the damage as it created before.

If you want to know what strategies you should develop to meet this epidemic, then keep reading this article. 

1. Ensure Operational Excellence

As most of the companies have worked hard in order to be productive, but somehow couldn’t work up to the mark. What is suggested now is you should make a planner now and decide your targets. It is the duty of every leader to coordinate with their employees in preparing tasks for the coming months.  

These planned tasks will help employees to carry their work seamlessly even if they have to do remote working once again. While there would be disruptions, operational excellence would be achievable as it’s done earlier primarily by IT outsourcing services providers.   

2. Maintain Company’s Financial State

The conditions of quarantine and lockdown have impacted severely negatively on business activities. Most of the businesses were hardly able to generate revenue during the first half of 2020. Even this made them go for downsizing. Now, when things were going to be normal like before this outbreak then again, the situation is daunting.

It is worthwhile to develop a cost reduction plan, without compromising the work quality and work hard even after the standard working hours to increase the cash flows.

3. Use IT Resources Wisely

If there is something which demands investment now then this is your IT resource. During this harsh time, there is no escape from technological advancement. In fact, getting your employees’ hands on updated IT tools will draw efficiency and effectiveness in outcomes.

If your financial health is stable then you can coordinate with an IT outsourcing company and discuss with them about your IT requirements to ensure smooth business processes and operations. 

4. Utilize Remote Connectivity Tools

Connecting with the internal and external stakeholders calls for the right tools for uninterrupted communication with them. You might have realized its need during quarantine as well. Make sure that you are available 24/7 to support your team and subordinates. There should be transparent communication when required. 

For this aim, opt remote connectivity tools, amongst some conventional are Skype, Zoom, TeamViewer, Anydesk, Microsoft Teams and Time Doctor etc. Apart from these, try your hands on other tools as well considering your needs. In a nutshell, by adopting remote connectivity tools there will be no hurdle if you shift your setup to remote working style.

5. Keep Cyber Security in Check

During quarantine, when employees move to work from home then you have to ensure cyber security. There are chances that cyber criminals violate the security protocols of the devices at home. It is a must to keep your IT devices updated with current cybersecurity protocols.

While we know this well that due to revenue restrictions, you might have hesitated to invest in cyber security. But, on a very serious note you should have been cautious about harmful cyber attacks.

6. Execute Protective Measures

The Government has enforced SOPs to be followed in the workplace and crowded areas. It is mandatory to execute safety measures at the office setting. Make employees sit with an adequate distance. Keep a check that they are wearing face masks and using sanitizers frequently.

Moreover, your office should be cleaned regularly. If you allow your workers to start working remotely even then ask them to take the precautions. Your employee health is valuable as without a sound health they would not be able to work industriously. 

7. Foresee Future Scenarios 

No one knows what the future holds. The situation can be either favorable or unfavorable. With effort and careful planning, we could turn the situation to our side. Just strategize according to the situation. This is the best possible solution to the second wave of COVID-19. 

So, gear up and anticipate what your present situation is and what measures you have to take in the future. 

Wrapping up:
We at ArhamSoft (Pvt) Ltd. have successfully dealt with the first wave of COVID-19. Now, we are up with our strategies and ventures to minimize the adverse effects of the second wave of COVID-19.