If you are adopting agile project management methodology, then it is a wise choice. Why is it so? Nowadays, the term “agile” in project management has become a buzzword. If you want a seamless structure in work processes, then agile is for you.

Having conviction of agile project management benefits, one is inquisitive to know which agile tools to choose. Sorting out your queries, this document puts forth some of the renowned agile project management tools.

Let’s get started with it.

  1. Jira

Jira is one of the finest and most adopted amongst agile project management tools. Let me bring some of its potential advantages into limelight. This software due to its exceptional features could be utilized in any small or large organization. A software development process is daunting, requires various personnel with a number of tasks.

Jira is your support to simplify and track the project seamlessly. It becomes easier for a project manager/coordinator to execute the task management while keeping the team members at the same pace. So, as a software development company, you could equip yourself with this task management software for the successful completion of your projects since it helps you streamline everything involved in the due process. 

2. Monday.com

Have you ever tried it? This software is not specifically designed for programmers but is valuable for all sorts of teams. What makes it different is its organized and fascinating dashboard. Its well-crafted interface enables you to see the progress of the tasks easily. This tool encompasses a number of templates providing you the opportunity to differentiate between a variety of tasks.   

Another distinguishing feature of this software is that it gives you the leverage of using integrated API. As per your choice, you could connect it with Jira to smoothly execute your development tasks.

3. Zoho Sprints

Another agile project management software which enables you to track the progress of tasks effectively is Zoho Sprint. They can also log in into their Zoho Sprint account by using office 365. Some key features of the Zoho Sprint include backlog administration and creation of automated reports etc.

Your task management in the form of sprint activity graphs, stories and other custom work types. Through the feed feature, you could promote discussion about the project amidst team members.  

4. Kanbanize

Kanban is the prime agile software and kanbanize is its sub tool. If you want to acquire statistical insights on your project in an accurate manner, then this software is for you. By using this software, you are having the opportunity to scale up your performance consistently. The aim behind Kanban is to screen blocks in the procedure and cater them efficiently.

With the help of Kanban, you can not only manage the tasks of team level, but of organizational level as well.

5. BugDigger

What is a BugDigger? It is a tool through which you can perform software testing. Quality assurance and testing are two aspects which hold a significant role in software development. Both these processes need to be repeated at times. BugDigger is there for you to accompany in this process.

Its potential advantage is that it pinpoints the issues which need to be fixed and with the help of a browser plugin creates a report. You have the leverage of sharing these bug reports to other agile software like Jira in order to optimize them.

6. Asana

If you are working in an IT field, then most probably you have heard about Asana. If you are jumbling up with your personal or team’s tasks, then this project management tool is meant for you.

In order to meet deadlines and organize tasks in a perfect way, use Asana. No matter whether it is an employee development task or scheduling meetings, Asana serves these purposes.

Wrapping up:
After getting an insight about the most trending agile project management tools over the course of 2021, select the one that suits your business needs. The outcomes will be pleasing and satisfying as you no longer have to brawl with organizing, collaborating, and managing tasks.