Advertising as a billion-dollar industry demands the digital marketing agencies to be more proactive and realistic. Higher competition when there’s a huge number of promotional offerings from businesses makes it more difficult to stand out. The grim in challenging market conditions is when advertisers repeatedly shoot themselves in the feet.

Here’s a few things a digital marketing agency usually overlooks when selling their services. Whatever gets wrong by the businesses must be rectified for an increased number of sales.

Not Selling the USP :
Every single business knows how important it is to define a unique service proposition (USP. But often businesses fail to hit the mark while selling it. You could do a Google search for an “IT outsourcing company” and will definitely come up with lots of different websites. Diverse in many aspects, but similar in a way that nearly all are likely to brag about what they do – and, not necessarily what makes them different.

Whatever you sell, the mandatory step after setting a valuable USP is to explain to your target consumer-base how and why you’re different from other vendors.

What’s special about your business process and approach. What makes your products or services special and unique from your competitors? How skilled you’re in addressing the consumer pain points and supporting an exceptional customer?

Dealing and responding to your customers convincingly aside, you must answer all these questions. Not doing so means you are not only having a sales problem, but have a foundational issue in the form of having a USP, but not knowing how to sell it. Here, you need to build and offer a more differentiated and powerful suite of services.

Not selling the Benefits :
Sounds weird? But advertising agencies – digital marketers, particularly – found making this mistake – they keep on selling the features, and not the benefits. They tend to create a dynamic impact on the target audience and for this they often walk into a trap that nitty-gritty technical details will suffice the consumers need. And, this is not an appreciable approach.

For instance, a PPC agency is pro at keeping up with all changes in the Google algorithms. Considering the Google Ads complexity, they remarkably figure out the advanced PPC marketing strategies. However, all the expertise and a lot others are still the features – not benefits.

Your target audience may want to know about the strategies you implement for their marketing campaigns, but they usually aren’t interested in knowing the nitty-gritty of technical details. Their intentions lie at hearing what your proposed features, strategies, and PPC expertise mean to them.

Your clients do not always want to know how you are going to structure your paid campaigns on different platforms, but how your marketing agency can help them recover lost traffic, earn more leads or outdo a competitor. As long as you keep showing them positive outcomes – increased traffic, amplified ROI, leads generated or conversions – they will never ask you how you have structured PPC campaigns.

This means you need to show your clients how your business features and marketing strategies will benefit them.   

Lacking Inbound Strategy:
Relying on one source or considering outbound marketing alone for new leads can make you lose significant business opportunities. Cold calling works the best for companies dealing with high-end products. Ignoring the power of inbound marketing means you will be missing out the ability of driving pre-sold leads.

Your inbound funnel needs your attention because clients demand the advertising agencies to effectively integrate inbound strategies in their marketing campaigns. So, you must have inbound marketing experts in-house that will not only put their skills to work for your clients, but for the agency itself.   

Making False Promises:
Marketers who overpromise habitually and then fail to deliver the results they promised to the clients soon face a downfall. False promises and under-delivering are a curse for businesses, but often you see it happening all the time.

Marketing agencies and sales personnel usually do so when they fear losing the sale – they start fudging the truth just to get a customer on board. However, not knowing the consequences of this, it eventually brings them a bad name in the market.

Know your value and always set realistic goals, and the right clients will appreciate you for it since they know what they are expecting from you will come true.

Final Thoughts:
Customer acquisition and retention has become difficult, but not impossible. If you keep evaluating your buyer’s journey and how your prospective customers are moving through the sales funnel, all while not making the aforesaid mistakes you can reach more people – not failing in selling your services, but attracting more potential consumers to your brand.   Are you all set to win new leads and more business? ArhamSoft (Pvt) Ltd., with years long expertise in digital marketing got your back. Contact Now!