In the stretches of pandemic uncertainty, enterprises need to reimagine productivity despite having great goals. 2020 required every single business to gain clarity with a new set of eyes. They need to rethink and reevaluate the ways to accomplish their business objectives and productivity goals.  They need to reframe everything in this new normal where some companies are still following the work-from-home model amidst never-ending health concerns. Today, workers’ efficiency, workload optimization, and productivity potential have become more important than ever.  

If you are a high-achieving entrepreneur, you must reset your definition of productivity to sustain the dilemma of this pandemic. You have to adjust your business operation with a fair productivity mindset instead of keep converging all your energies in achieving 40 or more hours of uninterrupted working per week.

Here are some tried-and-true strategies to get you through this all.

Prioritize Process Goals: 
Your business processes and outcomes go hand in hand. However, the global pandemic needs you to be more vigilant by focusing on setting achievable process goals instead of trying hard to get more and more clients each month (an outcome goal) that’s not quite possible being out of your control. 

What you can control is reaching out your favorite and prospective clients for more business, or reduce the project development and delivery cost to ease your current clients, or to get in place a customer relationship management (CRM) system to track and manage your business relationships more effectively.

Emphasize on Results: 
Despite working hours and a good job is important, you need to focus more on the valuable output – it can be achieved by working less hours but with more concentration and commitment. Instead of focusing on numbers, think about how to maximize the ultimate results. Remember, with the rising trend of remote work, a good job is no more dependent on the hours your employee’s work. 

Business owners must drop this idea of working more hours or doing overtime as a sign of pride. Concentrate on what your workforce is committed to and accomplish in predefined timelines rather than how many hours they work in a week. Be more strategic with your time and energy to get the desired results.

Reset Planning Mechanism:
With the changing dynamics of the corporate world due to covid-19, you should realize that what worked well before may no longer be beneficial to your business growth and development. Many businesses have been shut down just because they failed in adjusting their planning and productivity systems timely to survive the pandemic. You must take every appropriate measure to keep your complex personal and professional schedule on track. 

Play the long-term game while continuing to provide massive value to your customers. As your team moves to remote work, you must ensure that they are equipped with all the working equipment and communication and project management tools. It will help eliminate unnecessary distractions besides great coordination with others – colleagues, managers, and clients. 

Last but not the least, whatever you do to improve your idea of productivity, ensure yours and your employees personal and social wellbeing. Don’t compromise on your standards. Well, you can reset your standards for better business outcomes.