It is an open fact that only those companies thrive, which keeps on adapting to the changing business landscape – shifting their operations to be safer, practical and more digital.

The pandemics like Covid-19 have greatly affected the consumer behavior, even after the lockdowns have been lifted. Although the social distancing has become the thing of the past, but not the human and the financial tolls amidst the second wave of this deadly virus. People being stuck largely to their places, with their favorite stores operating with limited operations or shut down completely, moved quickly to digital solutions – the eCommerce industry has flourished like never before and so does the global outsourcing companies.  

Marketers are facing a big challenge!
With the evolved consumer habits, the situation becomes more challenging for the marketers where they need to reach out to the customers precisely where they are. Acknowledging these long-lasting changes in the consumer interests and behavior aside, marketers need to take authentic steps to adapt to customer expectations taking it as their utmost priority.

Only those companies evolve and excel that remain agile and successfully adapt to this mega shift by expanding their business operations online, innovating on conventional methods of reaching the target audience, and reevaluating their brand messages to be more consumer-centric.   

If you don’t want your business to die, follow the below key strategies to meet your customers exactly where they are and increase consumer loyalty.

Connect Through The Right Tone
With all the personal, social, and cultural stress, customers seek for extra care – they are eager to see how a brand responds to their changing demands and buying-behavior, and what it stands for businesses beyond just selling things.

In the wake of the current pandemic, the majority of the customers set high expectations from their favorite brands and observe how they respond during the crises. This consumer approach largely impacts their purchase-decision; whether or not they should keep buying from a brand.      

Here, marketers need to set the right tone across all their marketing touchpoints. Empathetic messaging is quite relatable and effective if you don’t want to alienate your consumers. Follow online sentiments of the people to keep up with the changing trends like social distancing, work from home, and missing loved ones during the quarantine.

The key to succeed in winning consumer loyalty is to be more authentic and transparent, all while showcasing all possible initiatives to serve the local community.   

Leverage Digital Interactivity
Shift your business marketing spend to digital to ensure not only your business success, but to also make the lives of your customers better. All companies focus on winning. But the pandemic period demands them to have higher standards to keep up with the digital-first lifestyle of the people. Improvise your online marketing funnel to reach out your consumers in their homes.

The digital interaction has become mandatory for a brand’s success. It helps bridge the physical gap between the audience and brands; mainly for medical, groceries and household supplies, and more. Spending more on digital, at-home advertising throughout the crisis can be highly effective to gain and retain consumers.

It is an optimal time for brands to shift their ad spend from traditional marketing to social media advertising and PPC marketing. Well, they must go beyond and consider more native placement with celebrities and industry influencers whom their potential consumers are following more regularly – before and during the pandemic. Direct and hyper-personalized communication is also the need of time.    

Reimagine Value Proposition
Make your products more attractive to the customers because the pandemic has significantly changed the popular people’s view towards a lot of them. Customers are more inclined to basic needs, which needs the marketers to reevaluate their value proposition and consider how it might be reframed to better fit the customers’ current demands and desires.

Well, it’s not necessary to completely change your product strategy. Rather, a more effective approach is to review and improvise all those products you think can be used to satisfy the digital-first lifestyle of the consumers. It’s a natural extension to your brand’s mission.  

Entertainment brands, for instance, might refocus on promoting home theaters while activewear and fitness brands might transform their marketing at working out from home to encourage continued spending.

In a nutshell, give your customers all possible reasons to stay connected with your brand no matter where they are with their changing lifestyles. And, for this, the above-mentioned strategies will help your business evolve and excel while ensuring consumer satisfaction.