A payment gateway acts as a mediator between the eCommerce shop owner and customer’s bank account. It is an essential component of an eCommerce website. It should make the customer think that his information is safe and confidential.

There are a number of payment gateway methods out there which could be selected. But you are required to prioritize the security features, setup installation process, fees and payment integration abilities etc., before selecting the gateway method. 

This document will let you know some of the payment gateways which have made a buzz during these times.

Let’s begin the voyage.

1. PayPal Pro
If you intend to create a seamless payment procedure for your customers, then PayPal is for you. It allows credit, debit, and PayPal cards. For your eCommerce store, select the business version, i.e., PayPal payments Pro. It is used by over 17 million merchants and has more than 218 million shopper accounts and that’s what makes it a credible and widely accepted service.

Ask your web development company to integrate PayPal payment method as it would be considered as the best choice. Talking about its installation, it is quite easy. It also provides comprehensive transaction details leaving no ambiguity for customers.

2. Braintree
Braintree came into being in 2007 and acquired by PayPal in 2013. It is appropriate for all sorts of businesses. Whether it is your app or an online store, it is a great payment method. Highly known for its simplified and protected buying process, it is highly recommended by the customers. You don’t have to bear any monthly fees. There is a nominal amount for each transaction which is affordable.

Braintree service is available in almost 46 countries and acknowledges 130 currencies. It accepts Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and other cards. Uber, Casper, Airbnb and Marketplace are its renowned clients.

3. Stripe
Stripe – another online payment gateway which is quite renowned and offers hassle-free transaction process. Its competitive edge includes a UI toolkit, embeddable checkout, and comprehensive reports, etc. It makes you free from the restriction of creating a merchant account. By using Stripe, you could receive the payment directly without creating a merchant account.

If you are a newbie in the eCommerce business, then Stripe is for you. This fully-featured tool secures the transactions by recognizing any uncommon payment patterns. You will not be charged monthly fees, but with a minimum transaction amount. This platform also allows the web professional to create a customized payment form. In coordination with an IT outsourcing company, you could have the transaction form of your choice.

4. 2checkout
2checkout is another payment gateway giant, which has made its mark around the world. It is accessible in more than 150 countries. It adheres to PCI standards. It has the capability to detect any illegal activity in real-time, which makes it surpass over other online payment platforms.     

2checkout reinforces numerous payment methods, supporting more than 87 currencies. There is no need for coding to operate it. What you need is to integrate the website with 2checkout’s APIs. You will be creating and verifying the account and there you go with the transaction process. It also accepts PayPal debit and credit cards.  

5. Authorize.net
Authorize.net is one of the other payment gateway accounts which allows online business owners to be a recipient of digital payments. This online payment tool possesses more than 370,000 merchants all over the world. Its competitive advantage is that it is not difficult at all in installation as compared to Stripe.  

If your online store is built up on Magento framework then you must go for it. It is a credible and trustworthy platform, which is highly referred by SMEs.

6. Skrill
Adding Skrill to your website as a payment gateway platform would be highly beneficial. It accepts payments from bank accounts, debit and credit card. With Skrill, you could make transactions worldwide. It got known in 2001 and has received awards from many conventional companies like Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Award and B2B EGP Award.  

Skrill facilitates in supporting over 30 currencies. Another noteworthy point is that Skrill is also utilized in risky sectors including gambling and firearms.

Wrapping Up :
As an eCommerce business owner, you have a bundle of options to make the customer buying experience friendly and satisfying. Moreover, you could also entail ArhamSoft (Pvt) Ltd. services to get to know which payment method is appropriate.