In the era of digital marketing, business owners can expand their audience to reach with the help of a mobile app. Facilitate your visitors to reach you by using any device round the clock. The aim should not be the provision of just a mobile app, but a power-packed tool to get more conversions.

Ecommerce Mobile apps must be having such features which are helpful to make users a loyal customer. Numerous eCommerce mobile app features exist, but this script will shed the light on significant ones.    

Let’s dig it further.

1. Convenient Registration Process
A primary step for the user is to take up the sign-up process. Think of it by getting into the shoes of the user. It should not be a lengthy, complex process. Requirement of email address and password would suffice. Furthermore, the app should remember the users’ details; making them worry free from entering information again and again.

2. Integration
What if you provide the option of social sign-in to the users? Social sign-in is the process in which users could log into the app or site within a single click. The app will retrieve the data from the user’s social media account and let them access the app. This method is super easy, providing leverage to the users at the optimum level. Have a word with your mobile app development company about integrating social media accounts buttons to your app.

3. Adequate Product Information 
The motive behind a user’s visit on your app is to look for the required products or services. By mentioning distinguishing features of your products and catchy images, you could convince the visitors to acquire them. This should be done to achieve customer trust. Through a well-crafted copy, you could turn a window-shopping activity into a pleasing shopping experience.

4. Push Notifications
Why does a customer need a push notification? An app should have a push notification feature to keep the customers updated and engaged with the latest happenings. Push notifications are sorts of alerts to make the customers aware about the available products, new arrivals, discount or promotions, etc. This strategy will help you to make the customer get back to you.  

5. Advanced Search
Indeed, your eCommerce shop is having dozens of products. Visitors should not have any trouble in finding the desired option. There should be an advanced search system along with filters. While having mobile app development services, ask them to embed the voice search option as well. Users will get the required results within a blink of an eye.   

6. Cart Management
When users like to purchase a product, they add the products to the cart. The items saved in the cart are temporary. They get removed later. If the customer explores the products, but wants to buy them later on then the Wishlist feature is the best. This should also be added in the app.

7. Hassle-Free Checkout
After getting to know about the products and ready to pay for them calls for a seamless final stage. Checkout is such an eCommerce app feature which should provide relief to the customers. It should be simple and comprehensible, allowing the customers to accomplish the transaction in a moment.

8. Multiple Payment Options
If the customers are unable to find the preferred payment method, then it could be a reason for cart abandonment. There are many payment options available. Some customers prioritize cash on delivery (COD) while others want to use credit cards. So, it is better to provide various payment options, letting customers decide as per their convenience.

9. Order/Shipment Tracking 
Never keep the customers blindfolded about their order receiving process. Since, they are excited to get the products, notify them through tracking features of the app. This will help the customers know about the dispatch and delivery of the products. Some of the renowned order tracking gateways include Leopards Courier, DHL, FedEx, Clickatell, and Plivo, etc. 

10. Loyalty Programs
Offering a customer loyalty program is a successful move to make customers turn to you. Apart from a better user experience, they will actually show their loyalty to their brand. Provide a discount or promotion codes to attract and engage new customers and retain the existing ones. 

11. Customer Services
Customers now and then have some queries about the products or other aspects. Make sure customers don’t leave you in dismay. This should also be your focus while developing a mobile app. Don’t forget to take feedback from the customers with the help of a simple review or rating form. 

Wrapping Up :
All the above-mentioned mobile app features could be in your app if you reach ArhamSoft (Pvt) Ltd. Not just these features, but many others which are mandatory to run an app magnificently.