eCommerce has significantly transformed the way people shop. In the past couple of years, it turned into a cash cow for all sorts of retailers. You can buy anything online from all consumer categories – food, clothing, electronics, automobiles, gadgets, etc. eCommerce mobile apps have also dramatically changed the market landscape. However, it’s also getting challenging to skyrocket sales, especially when there is a huge influx of customers in the holiday season. 

Your online store must be ready to cope with the customer rush and bring you record-breaking sales.

Regardless of the size of your business, you must be looking for different ways to optimize your eCommerce store to manage the incoming wave of buyers and increase the conversion rates. Here’s a few recommendations that can move you further ahead of the challenging competition.  

Ready to start?

1.   Focus on Email Marketing:

Put your efforts and money where you can get a high return on investment – your marketing campaigns. And, email marketing is one of the keys to business success. It’s affordable, and easy to start and manage. Plus, consumers love receiving welcome messages and updates from brands they are interested in.    

Welcome emails, as a lead-generating opportunity, generally have 91% opening rate and more than 25% clickthrough rate.     

Take advantage of newsletter subscriptions to put together an email list to keep your target audience engaged and reward them with freebies and discounts to get more sales. With every click on your email, there should be an incentive such as a redeemable gift and early access to special offers and sale pricing.

What else should you do?

  • Automate your email campaigns.
  • Fix abandoned carts to capture lost sales.
  • Create an articulate schedule of emails.
  • Keep promotional emails rolling through holidays.

Implement marketing automation tools to keep buyers coming back.

2.   More Eyeballs on Discounts & Freebies

Another way to increase your sales is to create promotions along with discount coupons to get customer attention to your brand. Increase the visibility of your discounts, particularly during the holidays. Just like good content needs appropriate promotion, your eCommerce sites should contain clickable promotion messages with a sense of urgency.

Place your holiday promotion message at the top banner or above it for clear visibility to the website visitors. And, don’t forget to perform your own A/B testing to evaluate clicks/CTA/notification bars that are hard to ignore.

You can use the following plugins for easy addition of responsive and lightweight notification bar to your site pages and their easy customization.

  • WP Notification Bars by MyThemeShop
  • WordPress Notification Bar by SeedProd
  • HollerWP (best for creating discount header banners) 

All are perfect for instant alerts, marketing promotions and increasing click throughs – all required for improved sales.

3.   Take Advantage of Push Notifications

If you want high levels of engagement or instantly pass along some important information to your website visitors, then give push notifications a try. Email marketing, despite a low-cost medium to communicate with your target audience and loyal consumers, needs the user’s permission before adding him to the periodic email marketing newsletter you send out.

Even your newsletter subscriber can consider it as an unsolicited advertisement and may unsubscribe. So, only market your holiday season offers to the willing customers. For instance, updating your site visitors about the season’s big sale or a newly launched product, etc., through a pop-up message on a landing page with high traffic volume.

Push notification feature with its widespread success includes popups that appear in browsers, direct alerts in mobile apps and send predefined messages directly to targeted phones.   

Email marketing is a great way to capture the customer attention, but your sent emails could be unread for days. However, push notifications because of their direct nature instantly capture the targeted people’s attention and consumers are more likely to engage with them.  

4.   Consider Getting Managed Hosting

Your website loads too slow or goes down due to a huge influx of customers in seasonal periods like Christmas, Black Friday, etc.? Managed hosting is the right solution to begin with besides fixing your website’s UX/UI and other parameters declining its loading speed.

The majority of the users tend to abandon a website, which takes more than 2-3 seconds to load. And, the holiday season with plenty of discounts and special offers make people even more impatient. So, the decision is yours whether to ensure lightning-fast load times or lose a big chunk of your customers.

If you are expecting a big rush, your WordPress site host must handle everything you need to run your store without breakdown. Consider managed hosting that’s equipped with all imperative systems to handle your site when it’s going to be under heavy load.

A fast and secure managed hosting with features like auto-scaling and surge traffic upgrade will keep your eCommerce site perfectly sustainable. Managed hosting safeguards your site against potential crashes and holds it up firmly under heavy traffic.  

Last but not the least is to simplify, optimize, and secure your website and make all product pages quickly and easily accessed. For the best outcomes, keep UX/UI simple because overly complex eCommerce website architecture can instantly turn off a potential consumer.

Remove anything that decelerates the buying process and, which does not contribute to strengthen your sales funnel. Optimized design, decluttered navigation, quicker browsing of product categories, simplified checkout process, and speedy live chat will help you increase your sales.