Software testing is an indispensable process in software development. You cannot handover the software to the end user unless and until it is not free from any error. Here, comes the role of software tester a.k.a QA engineer to identify and eradicate bugs and errors in the software. After software testing, it is believed that the software is ready to use and trustworthy.

This discussion makes clear the contribution and significance of a software tester in the software development process. Side by side, we must know what required skills a software tester must have. In order to have an insight about it, read on.

1.      Software Development Life Cycle
As discussed earlier, software testing is a part of the software development life cycle (SDLC). If a QA engineer has to conduct software testing impeccably then he must have a grip on all the stages of software development. Consider it a skill or requisite, but learning about all the components of software development will be beneficial for the QA engineer. He will know the ins and outs and especially the value of his input in software development.

2.      Agile Testing Principles
Agile refers to the principles used for software development. Every other software development company is tending to adopt this well-known method. Since, the software testing procedure also revolves around the agile guidelines so a QA engineer must possess agile development skills. It would be the duty of software testers to perform the testing process within the agile principles to ensure high-quality software.   

3.      Essential Tools & Techniques
Software testing is not a child play. Every software tester must have a profound comprehension of various software tools and testing techniques. They should be familiar with testing tools like GUI testing tools, management tools and bug tracking tools, etc. Furthermore, testing techniques include security testing, unit testing, system testing, black-box testing and penetration testing, etc. This amalgamation of required testing skill-set and techniques will be helpful for the software to successfully carry on his professional track.

4.      Automation Testing
Digital era has given the exposure of amazing technological developments. With this, manual testing has been replaced by automation testing. To perform the software testing vigilantly, QA engineers must have the updated skills and information. By getting to know all of this, a software tester should work on the latest automation testing techniques and enhance their skills for improved performance. While receiving software development services, ask them which automation testing tools they are using.  

5.      Cross Browser Testing
Another mandatory skill which is highly required by the QA engineer is to test the software in various browsers. What it does is makes the software convenient for use on all types of browsers. Moreover, he should be aware of the recent advancements in web and mobile technologies. Since, it would be better in implementing an effective software testing solution.

6.      Domain Information
QA professionals must have knowledge of software testing domains. By having this, they will be able to develop sound testing techniques. How is it done? It is evident that software testing in the healthcare sector will be different from the banking sector. Domain knowledge will provide an insight of business operations; hence the testing process will be efficient and effective. If software testers are having information of more than one domain, then it also opens avenues for other jobs.

7.      Programming Knowledge
Apart from the other skills, QA experts should be having programming knowledge as well. Programming know-how will assist them to better comprehend the functionality of the application. For this, it is to say that software testers should learn some programming languages. Amidst many programming languages. Structured Query Language (SQL) is utilized as the standard in database administration. So, it is advised to be versed with SQL.

8.      Project Management
Software development is a project for which QA specialists should be pretty clear about project management stages. Working on software testing means he is taking a project management phase to handle. If he is having a firm knowledge of project management then it would be easier to accomplish the task. 

Wrapping UpSoftware testing is a crucial phase in software development which needs to be dealt carefully. If you agree, then look up to ArhamSoft (Pvt) Ltd. for making your software solutions bug free.