Moving towards 2021 asks for the new developments in all fields. The first impression of the website should leave an unforgettable mark on the visitors. So, your web design must be catchy and trendy. Don’t put this aspect on the side shelf. Instead, for better conversions and outcomes, try to incorporate the latest UI/UX design trends.

Here, in this article, we will uncover the leading web design trends which you are supposed to adopt for your website. Provide your users a fresh and unique style by combining the below-mentioned UI/UX design trends.

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1.      Immersive Display

A good UI/UX design is supposed to engage and captivate the users. But in order to provide the user an immersive experience, then it should be a blend of audio, video, and touch. Indeed, to mesmerize and to provide an optimal experience, integrate these three aspects seamlessly.

Nowadays, screen size is increasing and so your images should have high resolutions with ultimate responsiveness. Images shouldn’t be blurred or pixelated when the design switches from small to big screen and vice versa. Side by side, include audio and touch options. Have a word with your graphic design company and provide a heavenly user interface design and user experience to the site visitors.

2.      Dark Mode

Dark mode or dark theme is one of the most adopted UI/UX designs at the moment. When we hear the term dark mode, we usually consider it as black color and that’s not so true. You can choose dark brown color or any other solid, dark hues instead of pure black. With a dark theme, you should be using such colors which contrast well with dark colors.

Users shouldn’t take much eye strain to read the text. Utilize color contrast tools to come up with a better solution. It is much better to select a light color for textual content to make it visible and readable.  

3.      Voice Search

Another UI/UX design trend in the limelight is voice search. You might be familiar with this. By providing voice assistance, you are actually grabbing the user’s attention. They would be engaged with the technology that communicates. Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri are the virtual voice assistants which replies to you after listening to your queries.

Liaise with a web development company and integrate a voice search assistant on your website. Users’ search queries will be simplified and this hands-free experience will make them bring to you over and over again.    

4.      Personalized Designs

One-to-one interaction with customers always works. Don’t you think so? If they are getting something which is according to their requirements and desires, then they will definitely look up to you. A great example of this is Netflix and YouTube.

To make the user experience enthralling, be active in every event and send them personalized messages. On the basis of the user’s requirements, show them offerings. If a user cancels an order then show other relevant products to facilitate him.

5.      Device Synchronization

It’s time to outreach the cross-browser functionality. Move a step ahead and make sure your website performs seamlessly on tablets, mobiles and desktop. These devices are commonly used by a layperson. If you fail to provide this leverage to the users, then surely you are losing them soon.  

For a comfortable user experience, your UI/UX design must have device synchronization ability.

6.      Moving Graphics

In this digital age, graphic designing is also skyrocketing. Not just adding images on the website or app don’t suffice the need. Attract your audience visually with fine blending of hues. Your UI/UX design could appear more appealing by adding motion graphics.

Another advantage of adding the animated content to your website is that it becomes more attractive and responsive. Within a blink, the user gets to see a new perspective and this grabs his attention continuously.

Wrapping Up:
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