Pre-pandemic, machine learning, and artificial intelligence were poised for huge growth in 2020. AI will keep the momentum going in the year ahead. The spending on ML and AI kept on growing, which increases the potential value of AI to enterprises. With the persistence of Covid-19, businesses and mainly their IT operations faced multiple challenges and awful stress that’s most likely to continue in 2021. 

Businesses need to be more digitally connected and AI can play a vital role here by helping in day-to-day task automation besides understanding the pandemic-affected data sets.      

Accelerated Adoption of AI:
AI not only helps consumers transform their future, but can also ensure that enterprises stay operational at all verticals. The rapid digital transformation isn’t going to stop and people working in the tech field will experience a robust expansion and meaningful development of AI in 2021 and beyond.

Whether it’s on chip stage or software level, the proliferation of AI occurred at a great pace. It will continue to impact our lives through technology solutions in different ways – from cloud deployments to planning software, chatbots, assisted driving, and many other AI applications reflecting accurate insights, efficiencies, and affordability for the digital marketplace. Here’s a few AI solutions that will continue to grow in 2021.

AI-Driven Automation & Growth of RPA:
With the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, enterprises will go a step further in automated processes. The rise in RPA and IPA trend in 2021 is the most obvious one since pandemic is forcing the businesses to keep a close eye on their budgets besides automating the monotonous, day-to-day tasks so as to free up the employees to perform more complex things.

Digital assistants are not going to slow down in the year ahead by moving toward the greater levels of intelligent automation. The conventional robots used for process automation will be tied with the intelligent automation powered by cloud computing, ML, and AI to ensure absolute accuracy and unsurpassed efficiency of the enterprise automation efforts.    

AIOps & Security Ops Takes Off:
2021 seems to observe an accelerated shift toward AIOps and cybersecurity to make data ecosystems more governed, scalable and secure. This will be the big focus of AI on automated resolution of IT problems and preventative cybersecurity through AIOps – providing a great competitive edge to the enterprises. Businesses are deeply entrenched in this because pandemic forces the people to work from home and most often on unsecured devices. Therefore, they need to set their sights on an improved AIOps platform to deliver what consumers demand and need, reducing the resolution times of IT issues, and ensuring data security.

Security Ops is also making headlines in the field besides the massive growth and adoption of AIOps. Bottom line, companies recognize the power of AIOps combined with AI powered Security Ops to scale more rapidly in digital transformation space.     

Confluence with IoT:
AI will aid the IoT skills shortage. The innovative tech companies are showing great interest in AI+IoT and their investments in the same indicates a strong momentum in this space. Heading into 2021, the digital space is more likely to experience a seamless confluence between AI and IoT. Besides the expansion of AI-powered sensors and its quick ability to provide actionable insights, strong foundational growth is expected in IoT smart applications development.

In the coming year, IoT systems powered by affordable sensor-driven devices from organizations like Google and Amazon are more likely to create massive opportunities across all industries. And, its powerful combination with AI and ML will generate more real-time data and use cases, and automate business processes at scale. Certainly, it will scale to smart cities, buildings, intelligent transportation, retail and supply chain environments, and more with improved accuracy, sustainability, security and growth.        

Personalized AI for Marketing:
As the clock ticks down on 2020, the advances in AI will continue to shape the next frontiers of digital marketing. AI as a key tool in the marketing arsenal and you will see a world of possibilities opening up for the marketers. Be it artificial intelligence or marketing, both need data, and putting them together will allow companies to improve customer experience, predict their next best action.

The majority of the tech professionals and marketing experts know how a small bit of data helps target the right audience. With the help of AI, markets can easily perform the complex task of understanding unstructured data and, then come up with defined outcomes such as consumer intention – hence, targeting the right audience in a better way and get the results exactly as assumed, which is an ultimate goal in digital marketing.

Final Thought:  
One thing is crystal clear that artificial intelligence will experience a notable momentum across all fields with increased number of use cases. You can make your business operations and marketing drills more simplified, efficient, and secure with AI.