With time trends change and so should your strategy. Mobile application market demand is on constant rise. Apple being one of the highly trusted brands has gained customers’ trust. Due to its remarkable data encryption feature, it has drawn attention of many users. To cater to the demand and capture significant market share, you are required to adopt the latest iOS app development trends. This document will provide the relevant information and you are supposed to incorporate it in your app development process.

Let’s begin the voyage.

1.      Embrace AR & VR

AR & VR have already stepped into the app development realm. You should adopt this mesmerizing technology to improve brand recognition. The combination of real & digital world provides the user an incredible experience. Display of information with enhanced interactive capabilities, including sound, graphics, and videos, grabs users’ attention. If you are in contact with an iOS apps development company then AR & VR should be an essential component to create differentiation and escalate business growth.

2.      Adopt Machine Learning

A technological revolution in the form of machine learning has reduced human power to carry out the tasks. Now, it is time to utilize computing power and Apple should keep this trend up. In 2017, Apple launched Core machine learning (Core ML). You can utilize this framework to include machine learning models into iOS apps. What you need to do is to figure out an adequate core ML model, import it, make the required settings and see the findings.   

3.      Swift 5

When it comes to programming language then, Swift 5 should be your choice. Apple released this language back in 2014 and became open source in 2015. For developing iOS apps, use the updated version, i.e., Swift 5.0. Its new features will help you come up with the outcome which fulfills the user requirements. While getting mobile apps development services, ask the developers to utilize Swift 5.0.

4.      IoT

IoT allows the linkage of computing and digital devices to transfer the data. If an iOS app is powered with IoT, then it empowers the users with effective management of resources. It provides the users better options to manage and protect data. Users will be having minimum concerns about data privacy. Moreover, it also facilitates customization and integration with APIs. This is another advantage for businesses to gather data from digital sources seamlessly.    

5.      M1 chip

Apple has taken a step forward with M1 chips, leaving Intel chips. Designed for Macs, M1 chips are one of the effective chips by Apple to date. By utilizing M1 chip, you could upgrade mobile apps’ performance. This advanced technology is also entitled as System on a Chip. It provides optimal speed, increased battery life and other powerful features.   

6.      Cloud enabled iOS Apps

You can hold another competitive edge by making your iOS apps cloud powered. You could take your organizational functioning to another level by saving your massive data on the cloud. Your cloud enabled iOS apps will work at a faster pace. Besides, this is also cost saving. You have the leverage of accessing apps on servers with the help of web browsers so it takes less time.  

7.      Apple Pay

Apple Pay is the mobile payment method in Apple. This solution makes you free from keeping your wallet or cash. Your digital payments become encrypted leaving no worries of financial data violation. With Apple Pay, within a single click users can make the payment. Involving Apple Pay system enhances the customer experience. This reliable, convenient and secured payment platform is surely going to bring in more customers.  

Final Thought:
You could easily have the above-mentioned features in your iOS apps by connecting with ArhamSoft (Pvt) Ltd. These trends are surely going to affect your revenue and sales.