Now, we have entered into 2021. If we take a look back at the previous decade, then as per statistics, we see a huge rise in social media users. As a compelling marketing and sales platform, every business is making the most of social networks. Today, our discussion will revolve around the live video feature of Facebook & Instagram.

What benefits will you gain through live video streaming? We all know the significance of video marketing. As an entrepreneur, social influencer or marketer, you should not miss the option of live video. Want to know why?

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1.      Get Started with a Q&A Session

Customarily, a potential buyer wants to put his trust into a brand. What does he need for that? He wants a hassle-free product acquisition procedure with optimum quality products. Suppose you offer web development services and conduct a live Q&A session. Your audience wants to hear from you. They have a bunch of queries.

This kind of personal interaction will help them to know your services better. It will vanish their ambiguities related to your services. They will have a reason to opt your services. This is how you can reach more people and acquire their trust.  

2.      Hire an Influencer

Since, business growth is a continuous process and you have to try on the different strategies. In the quest of achieving customer’s trust, nothing would be greater than hiring an influencer for this purpose. Organizing a live video session where an influencer of the field appears in front of the customer.  

Undoubtedly, it will excite the customers to connect with you. This means you will be having more viewers. Surely, your audience will long for what the influencer has to say about the trends. This is the one of the best options for branding. As we talked earlier, customers’ trust will result in higher sales.

3.      Live Stream your Event

You have to keep your audience engaged with upsurge business prospects. Live video is the feature on social media platforms which provide you this opportunity. In order to keep customers updated with the latest happenings, live stream your event. Customers will form a firm perception and tend to purchase your products/services without any hesitation.

What else? You will get recognition and the way you execute the events will create a strong impact on customers. This is another great example of brand development. Not just letting the customers know who you are but also what you are up to.

4.      New Product Launch

When you are ready to introduce a new product, use live video on Facebook & Instagram as well. Your audience will instantly get to know about new products. This will drive them to try their hands on the products. Isn’t it splendid to introduce your mobile apps or 3D face scanner? While introducing your product to the market, you create a buzz worldwide on social platforms.

There is a Facebook & Instagram stories feature for promoting your new product launch. This is a call for customers that they have to show up at the given time. This live product launch will contribute extensively in business success.  

5.      Live Product Testing

In continuation of the previous section, you can also use live video for product testing. Usually, customers have doubts about the product usage. If you come up with a live session and demonstrate the product’s functioning, then you will see how drastically your customers increase. Since, you are guiding them in detail how to use the product.

Customers will find no reason to sneak away and would love to put forth their queries. Afterwards, you can also ask for the feedback. This real-time feedback is another beneficial way to modify the products as per customers’ demand. 

Final Thought :
A single option of live video can take your business venture to the next level. In doing so, you can shake hands with ArhamSoft (Pvt) Ltd. to experience their unique and result-oriented video marketing services.