Getting a conversion is not enough in today’s world. Developing a healthy relationship with customers is also an aspect you should not overlook. What makes you think they will come back to you? Here, content marketing will play its part. It becomes your strength to make the audience take an action through compelling content.

When we are of the view that we need “compelling content” then we should specify the content type as well. After getting through the awareness and consideration stage, the concluding phase where potential customers make purchase decisions needs to have persuasive content. Agreeing this, we will tell you about content types suitable for the purchase stage in the marketing funnel.

Let’s begin.

1.  Customer Stories

Generating content is easy. Do you agree? Why not? However, the content should also trigger the audience for the desired action. Your audience has adequate information about you. They have a strong interest in being your business offerings’ receiver. Finally, you make a punch by sharing customer stories.

Here you go! You have made another customer. You have become successful in achieving your audience trust. Customer story is more than a testimonial. This is the journey of a satisfied buyer who had a pleasant experience with you. In this way, you can convince the leads to be your stakeholder.      

2.  Consultation

Show your content writing expertise by making a short note about consultation service. Your audience might be having some doubts about your products/services. What if you make them free from all this tension? Your consultation message might convert them into a customer.

No matter the consultation is verbal or written, it should give a vibe that you care about the concerns of the audience. It is advised to not charge for providing the consultancy services. Because your aim is to grab the customers, not make them get away. If they are longing for your products then have a discussion with an open heart. This consultancy should not be a money-making goal.

3.    Demonstrations

In the sphere of online marketing, product demonstration is a great way to generate leads and sales. The prospects often find business offerings exciting when you make them walk through the product demos. Though they are pretty satisfied with the provided images and details, let them know how your product will work in real-time.

Prospects will be more enthusiastic towards your offerings. There would not be any sort of hesitation in using the product. In this way, you are not acquiring a customer, but pitching them to follow you back for more products and services. In a nutshell, you are gaining customer loyalty.

4.  Promotion/Discounts

Why is it said to make your marketing efforts robust? It means you have to come up with something which users can’t resist. Since, they have put their trust upon you so encourage them through special offers. They could also switch, but they have skipped many options for you. Have you heard about discount marketing?

Offer promotion codes and discounts to customers. Don’t think this is not profitable. Instead, your customers will be ready to spend more because of deals and coupons. You might know promotion offers make customers happy. If there are prospects they would be glad to convert.  

5.  Comprehensive Product Details

When a prospect is in the dire need of a product, then make his buying journey easier by providing products’ minute details. Though providing product details suffice the need, but we have to do something to grab the customer. While writing product descriptions, don’t forget to add benefits – why people should buy. Publish this information on your business site and you may also send it to your prospects through promotional emails or SMS marketing. 

Suppose you are offering IT products then the details you have to provide should be complete and accurate. By reading such comprehensive product details, they will definitely not afford to miss your call.  

Final Thought :
In this competitive environment, customers can switch within seconds. But with your influential content, you could make a difference in sales. For this, ArhamSoft (Pvt) Ltd. could be your guiding source as well.