Entering into another decade calls for new business planning and marketing strategies. Digital marketers should gear up to execute the new methods to acquire leads and conversions. The continuously changing social media trends aren’t shocking at all. All you need is to stay updated about what’s trending and act accordingly with a smart and quick approach. Plus, modify your content to make it perfectly aligned with the latest social media marketing trends. Focus on each and every stage of customer lifecycle by adopting the below-mentioned trends expected to grow exponentially in 2021.

Let’s have a look at it.

1.      Instagram Reels

This year, brands will continue to spend more time on Instagram to get in touch with the world around them. As a marketer, share meaningful content through IG reel with your audience to engage them – ensure that they will get true value from your brand. IG story disappears after 24 hrs but this short-form, entertaining video content (3-15 seconds long clips) remain in your account. If you are having a public account and share it in the explore section, then you can reach a broader audience. Reels (in 9:16 portrait mode) are pretty much everywhere now, but currently, this is a mobile-only feature.  

2.      Facebook Shop

In mid 2020, Facebook introduced its shopping feature as a tool for small businesses to help them display and sell products through Marketplace (launched in 2016). Much like craigslist, initially Facebook allows users to sell personal belongings online to others. Now, in 2021, Facebook shops are primarily aimed at businesses. From SMBs to global brands, it empowers people to boost consumer engagement and ad sales by setting up customized digital storefronts accessible through Facebook and Instagram. Likewise, the trend of shops on Instagram will continue to prevail in the coming months.

3.     Twitter Fleets

Following the footsteps of Snapchat, FB and IG, Twitter has unveiled its very own version of short-lived stories called Fleets. These actually are the tweets that appear on your homepage with a lifetime of 24 hours. Fleets cannot be retweeted or liked, or receive public replies by other users. The only way to reply to any Fleet is a direct message. You can Fleet existing tweets (that could be text, photos, GIFs or videos), similar to Instagram stories. Moreover, the upcoming months may see the updated Fleets incorporating features like stickers and other tools, Twitter claimed.  

4.      TikTok Marketing

No matter what the nature of business is, TikTok marketing is for you if done right. Why? Because it continues trending in 2021 since its user growth rate is escalating at the highest pace. Observing the statistics, it has 800 million active users. Make your brand available on this platform and reach more audiences all over the world. It is not like Facebook & Instagram marketing. You have to know what features, effects, hashtags and music you have to use for your brand awareness, business promotion and increased revenue. Even you can hire an influencer to work on  your objectives just like you do for other social channels. 

5.      LinkedIn Sales Navigator 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is not something entirely new when it comes to social networking and targeting the right consumers – the most relevant prospects. You may have already seen its implementation to find the right business prospects and make social selling easy through Linkedin. However, you still experience this trend marching ahead in popularity this year. This is your surefire way to capture qualified leads and build trusted relationships necessary for business growth and development.  

Wrapping Up :
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