The pandemic situation we are coping with at a global level has left a negative impact on all business sectors. The world got paralyzed at nearly all verticals, except online retail, which experienced growth. With the customer-first focus, retail trade continued to gain market share in 2020. Numerous studies have revealed a significant increase in the growth of retail sales in 2021.

Much has been said and assumed about the digital transformation of retail trading till date, but the present and future customer needs have made it obligatory for the sector to become more adaptable to new technologies. To meet the quick-shifting of consumer behavior amidst covid-19, retailers need more innovative business strategy opportunities along with new skills of people and business automation tools.

Lack of firm strategic vision will make your digital transformation unfeasible. So, invest in digitization to achieve operational excellence and create value.

The most difficult point for every retailer during the pandemic is logistics. However, via digital transformation through future-ready hybrid eCommerce models with ‘Click & Collect’ system you can easily manage your logistics. It means the online purchase system works together with the centralized collection point – customers have to collect the items themselves with the strict adherence to Covid-19 SOPs.

Digitally Transform Your Retail Ecosystem
Generally, your plan of action should involve three relevant areas:

Ecommerce: Create a virtual store to practice electronic commerce – saving time, money, and effort of both yours and customers.

Marketing Automation: Automate your multichannel sales approach that provides the buyers with an integrated shopping experience.

Business Intelligence: With this tool you can perform clientele analysis and make business decisions based on statistical facts.  

The retailers need to implement digital transformation with the help of big data as the foundation of the whole process. This will keep their operations in place, space and time in which potential customers can make well-informed purchase decisions. Here’s how you can execute your plan efficiently and effectively.   

Business Automation:
Automate your business processes to grow fast with reduced costs besides saving your time and effort. Spend more time on more important tasks and let the automation tools take care of monotonous jobs. With 2020’s health pandemic, it makes more sense than ever to minimize interpersonal contact by streamlining online shopping and improve customer experience.    

Omnichannel Marketing:
Specify your customer journey by analyzing the consumer behavior and then build a buyer persona that will help you plan and implement an omnichannel marketing strategy, providing your customers an integrated online shopping experience. With a multi-channel sales approach, you can have coherent communication with your consumer base through any of the channels your potential buyers decide to use.

Avoid Stock Accumulation:
Don’t waste your time and money on stock accumulation. Seek for technological solutions for evaluation and optimization of the resources, and anticipate the market needs. Just get what you need to suffice the consumer demand. Also, invest in tools and technologies to streamline and improve your shipping and distribution operations amidst unfortunate conditions.

Personalization is Key:
Knowing that digitization, today is vital both in product development and its sale, it’s important to ensure a personalized experience for the customers. For this, provide them with the custom solutions, addressing their pain points – make your offers and promotions according to consumer’s individual needs.  

Adapt to Digital Talent:
Develop a digital ecosystem with the help of highly specialized profiles of retail and technology professionals. Use their expertise in the digital transformation of your retail business. Make your business accustomed with new forms of digitization – integrate high-fidelity tools based on AI to meet new consumer needs because the retail market lives in constant change. Accordingly, engage the digital talent for your business growth and development.      

Bottom Line:
Don’t let your retail business suffer due to lack of digital transformation. Go for it now. If you are looking for professional support, then ArhamSoft (Pvt) Ltd. is the right fit to bring digital transformation to your retail business.