Customer experience is the root of every business success. So, any tech decision you take should reflect it as a core foundation. With the rising trend of digital transformation, wherein AI (Artificial Intelligence) and data automation are playing a great role in transforming the way businesses operate – from data collection, processing, and security to HR and project management.

AI technologies help you in time and cost savings by automating workflows and other customer-facing processes. It allows you to implement and streamline complex business operations and logic to ensure a consistent customer experience by catering to their individual needs, providing them the most relevant content, services, and assistance whenever they need.

Below, we explore how AI technology can help streamline and transform the customer experience.

Personalized Marketing at Scale:
Today, customers expect real-time interaction with your brand. They seek for content and services that’s targeted to their personal preferences. The majority of the shoppers tend to buy from the brands offering them relevant information according to their needs. AI helps in delivering personalized customer experience and communications at scale through targeted marketing messages – based on their purchasing history, browsing behaviors, and preferences.

You can use automated workflows in your marketing and deliver personalized content like product recommendations to the targeted customers using the most appropriate channels – based on AI-empowered automated data collection and analytics.

Eliminating the Need to Wait:
The current fast paced world demands people to be extremely quicker and proactive in all aspects of life. AI empowers the customers with self-service so that they can get rid of contacting customer support and waiting ‘on hold’ till the agent becomes available to help them with simple issues related to their provided products and/or services. Virtual assistants and intelligent chatbots give real-time customer support by handling routine inquiries with no wait time. 

Today, the majority of the brands are handling their customer relationships without human interaction using artificial intelligence – leaving happy customers and freeing their workforce to focus on more complex issues.

Automated Life Assistance:
No human can be available for 24/7 assistance, but AI-based devices could help greatly in making people’s lives easier. AI makes it possible for the companies to provide round-the-clock support which definitely ensures good customer experience. For the reason that customers are always in a rush and want quick response and solutions to meet their needs. 

Artificial Intelligence allows for automated life assistance through mediums like Google Home, Alexa, Siri, and many other robotics. From stores to movie theaters, health and education sectors, etc., AI technology is transforming the customer experience. For instance, you select and purchase the items at stores through voice and make cashier-free payments.

Real-Time Data Analytics: 
Another way to improve customer experience is AI-enabled real-time analytics. AI technologies help automate data collection and analytics, and generate insights on all the touch points to segregate the consumer lists. It will, eventually, help you make real-time decisions to improve customer experience – delivering the most relevant information to the right people at the right time. 

You can compile and cleanse a large amount of consumer data and create reports on their purchase patterns and market trends so that decision-makers can make data-driven decisions with accuracy to streamline and enhance the customer experience.  

Last, but not the least is improved personalization where people rarely need to search for something relevant to their needs and wants. AI transforms the consumer experience essentially by bringing customer-required content to the forefront based on their past history. For instance, YouTube and Netflix recommended videos and movies, Spotify recommended music and Amazon suggested products to name a few as the best-case scenarios.

Bottom Line:
Artificial Intelligence and automation have found their way into the clouds to get quick insights from the real-time data and analytics to drive customer engagement, build loyalty, and accelerate the sales cycle for increased profits. Customer experience will be central to this growth and therefore it’s necessary for companies to build customer-centric applications around AI.   

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