Content marketing is an art whereby you inspire the customers through useful content. This marketing style should be adopted to attract the prospects. Providing them valuable content helps in shaping their buying behavior and decisions. Content marketing works perfectly well to have a healthy relationship with the audience no matter you are either an entrepreneur or an influencer.

This pandemic has made us realize that content marketing is our handy tool which creates a significant effect on sales and revenue. In this script, we will shed the light on content marketing trends which you shouldn’t miss or ignore in the coming times.

Let’s see what these trends hold for you.

1.      Deliver Personalized Content

The rise of personalized content is on its peak. In the context of digital marketing, brand building and drawing audience interest become a lot easier by sending them personalized content. And this year you have to take a step ahead from writing customer names in emails and chat.

We are referring to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) which helps craft content based on users’ needs. Indeed, the incorporation of an AI enabled software will make possible content personalization to a great level. It could also be entitled as hyper-personalization whereby content creation is done on the basis of the user’s previous browsing activities. 

2.      Content Optimization for Voice Search

We know that the voice search trend has been growing since 2018. Taking into account the perspective of voice search which is hindering text search, we advise that you should optimize content for voice search.

Besides having just keywords like best web development company, you need to make the queries in conversational form. You have to think from the customers’ point of view and come up with phrases which he could possibly use. Since voice search is making its way all over so we have to take a proactive approach for it. 

3.  Webinar

Webinar is your content marketing trend in 2021. By conducting a webinar, you can provide crucial information of your business to your audience. For this, get to know your audience first and then create power-packed content for your webinar. It is without any doubt that if your webinar is not having interesting content then your efforts will be in vain.

Deliver information which matches with the interests of the audience and it becomes hard for them to get away from that. Lastly, take in the right webinar tool and promote your webinar on social media and other platforms to reach more audience.

4.  Search Intent

Revive your B2B content marketing strategy and focus on search intent. It refers to queries of users on search engines. The reason why the user is searching shows his intent. This search intent could be informational, navigational or commercial. Informational search intent refers to the search when a user wants to have some information about any topic. Next, navigational search intent is the search in which users look for information about a place they have to visit.

Lastly, conventional search is done when a user is ready to purchase something. You have to create content by keeping in mind the search intent of the users. You have to find keywords which have high ranking. As a matter of fact, if you succeed in meeting the needs of the users through your content then your user will turn up to you again and again.

5.  User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is the online content which is created by the users for other users. Blog posts, web pages, social media posts, videos, infographics, and testimonials are just to name a few. You have to develop a UGC strategy to reach your target market and keep them highly engaged.

As per research statistics, 42% marketers believe that UGC is a major portion of their marketing strategy. On the other hand, almost 79% of users are of the view that UGC creates a substantial effect on their buying decision. For example, content from real users in the form of reviews and testimonials on your social media channels can help you achieve your audience trust.

Final Thoughts :
Adhere the above-mentioned content marketing trends and provide engaging content to your audience. These trends will help you achieve an improved customer response.