Digital transformation has made things move quickly, and AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for WordPress is one of them – an ever-evolving item on the World Wide Web. Initially, people do not understand what it is and how it could be catered to and implemented. But, now, they have become quite familiar with AMP being in a whole new and advanced place. However, it is still debatable whether or not your need it for your business. 

Before that, you should have a clear understanding of the  Sahabet Google-supported AMP Project. 

AMP Project focuses on delivering website content on cross-channel mobile platforms and devices as quickly as possible. 

Essentially, AMP is based on some basic framework with an immaculate script ensuring improved user experience because of much faster load times than any other responsive website. Business owners need to give their website users and prospective customers a great online experience since many of today’s searches and readership depend on mobile devices.

Primarily, AMP focuses on the content and speed to make your website loading fast. For this, it minifies JS and CSS code, removes unnecessary elements, defers non-critical CSS, and compresses large files to deliver your content in the fastest way possible.     

Why is AMP important?  

AMP accelerates the web page loading speed that directly impacts the user experience and thereby helps improve your site’s rankings in search engines.

AMP vs. Responsive Website :
AMP and responsive sites seemingly appear identical, but they are not. Responsive websites involve dynamic changes to a website’s appearance to fit multiple screen sizes. These mobile-friendly sites are built on the existing website code and just fine-tune the content to render quickly and adequately for the specific orientation of the devices.

Conversely, AMPs are the most lightweight possible websites that are optimized for mobile web browsing. It is a web component framework that adjusts content by stripping out all extraneous codes to create seamless user-first experiences – with increased load times. Adding this functionality to your WordPress website means it will only render the most critically necessary code on mobile devices.

What does that mean?

In AMP, complex elements like ads, videos and animations are removed to leave the room only for the most helpful content to load.   

Do you need AMP In 2021?

Every website is meant to provide a great user experience. Therefore, AMPs are a pretty good choice for low-budget business owners and entrepreneurs or publishing startups. The reason is quite simple: they may not have enough capital for a responsive website built on a high-end technology stack. So, they prefer providing their prospective customers mobile web browsing.

AMP is always a good choice for publishing websites with a lot of content to go live after every second or two.    

Moreover, if you cannot invest in response websites, AMP allows you to increase your reach and generate revenue without breaking your financial bubble. So, this is an affordable solution for small businesses on the verge of entering the market.

To be honest, Google now does not need AMPs any longer for their top stories, but it does not depreciate the significance of AMP for WordPress.

However, it does not mean that your content will not appear in Google’s top stories. It all depends on the competitiveness of your content and how quickly you roll it out than other same category content producers.

AMP For WordPress Is Still Relevant:
Faster is better when it comes to happier site visitors – your source of revenue.

Quick loading pages have a lower bounce rate and rank higher – the ultimate goal of every website owner.  

Final Thoughts:
AMPs are still relevant because their primary goal is to increase page speed. The users can read articles, blog posts, news, etc., and download files in seconds from AMP-enabled pages.  AMP optimized pages focus on clean-coded, lightweight, well-optimized, and fast websites – provides a user-friendly web interface on mobile devices. Depending on your business preference and budget, AMP for WordPress is something worth your attention.   

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