There is no business that does not want to have a digital presence. Also, there is no business owner who does not wish to benefit from mobile application development. The problem is that usually, the big organizations can manage all these valuable things. But the good thing is that businesses can achieve some marketing goals for free. Now, if you have a great app with an eye-catching icon and impressive landing page, you can make your app marketing strategy the best it can be without investing a massive amount of money. Furthermore, if you already have significant traffic to your business site, you can easily convince those existing visitors and customers to download your app.    

According to Statista, 3.48 million apps were available for Android users, while App Store roughly contains 2.22 million apps in the first quarter of 2021. So, your mobile application must have unique and enticing features that people take an interest in it. Moreover, what matters the most here is how you promote your app.

Many businesses still fail to receive the expected adoption level for their apps despite the attractive layout designs, the most relevant widgets, engaging content, expert attention to detail, and countless hours.

Mobile apps development opens a whole new channel for businesses by which they can interact with their current and prospective customers. First, give your audience the haven to access your business offerings with one simple click. Then, customize your app to meet your customers’ needs and expectations.

What next? The problem is not creating an app but putting it before your audience to not resist downloading it.

You need to take a better approach to market your business or personal application. Give it the proper attention and time it deserves.

As a general rule of thumb, you should spend as much time marketing your app as you consumed while creating it. The more you promote your product, the easier, smoother, and faster the process becomes.

If you do not have a big budget to dedicate to your mobile application’s marketing and promotional events, use the following tried and proven methods to market your product effectively. They will only cost you dedicated time, and you will get a significant increase in app downloads than you have now.

Build a solid foundation:

Reach out to your customers before start building your app. Mobile app marketing starts by talking to your customers beforehand and telling them that whatever you plan to make is just the right solution for them. Create a list of your existing and potential customers interested in your products or signed your newsletter. Send them a persuasive email and incentivize them through a special discount to earn their attention.

For more loyal customers, you can send a questionnaire to get an idea of what people might be searching for in your new app and how you can make it more beneficial for them. Old and regular customers are more likely to respond to such emails and surveys. So keep them engaged and updated.   

Leverage influencer promotion:

Reach out to authentic influencers to extend your products from the usual field of influence. These foreign connections can benefit your company in promoting your app. Develop honest and mutually favorable relationships, and your industry influencers will go a long way with you in helping to promote your products and services. With millions of followers across multiple channels, influencers have the power to influence the purchase decisions of a particular group of people.

You may need to offer the influencers monetary compensation. However, finding and connecting with influencers who genuinely value your business approach and the bottom line is highly recommended. Always invest in genuine sponsorships. The best way to get them on board for the longest possible time is to dedicate a section for them in the app for their benefit.

Feature in official assets:

Engrave your app in every aspect of your business operations. Include it in your regularly scheduled website content, add a call to action button in every blog post, and include a one-line footer in your emails for advertising your app with every sent-out message. The best solution is to add your app link in the email signature. Create a feature blog post, telling the readers a complete story about your app, and insert a demo video in this announcement blog to showcase everything about your well-built app. Help them understand your product so that they do not hesitate to download it.  

Use all your business assets for app promotion, from stationery, brochures, newsletters, payment confirmation, and tech support emails. Also, just like influencers, you can ask other bloggers to help you build hype for your blog, including the app’s information on other websites.  

Apply for Awards:

Not applying for the awards is a missed opportunity. You cannot afford it. Let the world know about your product and what else could be the best way to leverage except participating in mobile application awards. It is one of the most recommended ways to take advantage. It is your app idea and how you pitch it before the jury that can make you win the award. However, you can easily enjoy great stardom if your marketing team manages to get things right from day one. Even if you do not win the award, the nomination alone can give you colossal press and media exposure, reviews, and plenty of downloads.  

ArhamSoft (Pvt) Ltd. has recently participated in Pakistan Digital Awards and won The Best App & Web-Enabled Market Award 2021 for its unique product Mathlete – Let’s Play Math.  We are now upgrading this platform to expand the market.  

ASO and Social Media:

Increase your app’s visibility in the search engine pages to become better known among the competition. ASO is search engine optimization at its core but for mobile applications only. App Annie is a great platform to start with competitors’ research and their apps rankings. It is essential to get your mobile app listing optimized and well-ranked on search pages.

As far as social media is concerned, join entrepreneurs and app developers groups and ask for their feedback. Then, give them free promo codes to download your app and try it out. Also, get your app featured on Review Sites and share the links in the groups to discuss current features and future updates. Value the opinion of others because it will be the most helpful thing for your app’s success in the long run.

Keep rolling out new updates:

Another great way for app promotion is constant upgrades. People always seek something better than before. Know their demands and give them what they expect from your business app. Make every experience well-defined and improved for them. Remember, people, stop using those apps that fail to address their constantly raised issues in the review sections.    

Final Note: These are some of the noteworthy points for your app promotion. There exists a lot more. Keep telling your customers that you are always ready to plan something more significant, fun, and beneficial for them to enjoy.

Do you have a secret mobile app promotion tactic? Share with us and help people with their app marketing strategy.

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