Mobile solutions are continuously gaining momentum. Likewise, mobile apps development trends are evolving. Why so? The business owners want cost-effective app development, while developers tend to use the latest technology stack in the development process. As a combined impact, the mobile application development market experiences massive growth. Here, enterprises need to determine whether Android or iOS will suit their bottom line. And, this eventually depends on their target audience, which device your audience prefers to use.

Market surveys reveal that android is dominating the smartphone industry. According to Statista, Android takes the lead in global market competition at 87% compared to iOS. Thus, the android apps development industry will keep growing and strengthening in the coming years. Moreover, the contently expanding global app ecosystem pushes businesses to invest in next-gen mobile solutions.

If you plan to build an android mobile app or game, you better understand the current trends in the new age of mobile applications.

Let’s Begin!

AI-Enabled Solutions:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) brings automation across all industries with greater precision and accuracy. Chatbots and virtual assistants are the most common examples of AI applications a custom software development company cannot survive without. Likewise, Android supports a variety of Machine Learning methods and tools to help developers build smarter apps. 

AI-Enabled Solutions

AI-enabled solutions can facilitate enterprises with real-time decision making, enhanced data security, and advanced predictive analytics. Google Duplex is a pretty good example of a fully automated system that essentially makes calls for the user in a natural-sounding human voice rather than a robotic voice.

Android Jetpack:

Build better and faster android apps with the extended version of Android’s modern toolkit – Jetpack Compose. Jetpack. 84% of the highest-rated 1000 android apps on Google Play significantly rely on Jetpack. This lightweight Java application framework uses modern design practices, allowing android applications to run in JVM (Java Virtual Machine). Fully integrated with the SDK and IDE and other development tools, this suite of libraries enables fewer crashes and memory leaks in android applications. In addition, it makes android apps simple and easy to interact with. 

Android Jetpack

This technology helps reduce the boilerplate code and allows android app and game developers to focus on the code they care about the most. For example, you can quickly and safely encrypt files using the Security Crypto library.  

Kotlin Multiplatform:

60% of developers prefer Kotlin to boost the app’s productivity and ensure code safety across every android device. Widely supported with advanced tools and resources for Android apps development, Kotlin is an ideal solution to develop your android apps and games on multiple platforms. 

Kotlin Multiplatform

By leveraging Kotlin’s first-class support, advanced language features, and enhanced library functionalities, you can make your applications more pleasant, concise, and user-friendly. 

Here is what android developers appreciate about Kotlin:

  • Safer, Powerful Code 
  • Expressive & concise
  • Interoperable with Java 
  • Structured Concurrency 

Android apps built on Kotlin are 20% less likely to crash

Beacons Technology:

The android iBeacon has taken the spotlight in the past couple of years. These Bluetooth transmitters serially send data or advertisement packets to nearby smartphones and tablets. As a result, every time a user reaches closer to the target, the beacons help capture his interests or preferences. For instance, a message transmitted to an Android device as a notification containing information about route schedules at a smart bus stop, a retail store sending out discounts, etc. By implementing beacon technology in android, businesses can uncover incredible features. 

Beacons Technology

Android 12 has introduced the New Bluetooth permissions, including



This trend will continue in 2021. Therefore, the android developers will continue using this library with enhanced features to create and animate UI widgets. For example, scale, rotate, and position the UI widgets to match a particular situation on the screen. Moreover, this layout type helps add and manage the animation effects in your android app.  

Below are few examples for better understanding;

Motion Layout

Basic Motion 

ImageFilterView - Image Transition

ImageFilterView – Image Transition

In a nutshell, these android apps development trends tell us that android is undoubtedly paving the way to become a mainstream and future-proof platform to help businesses grow and scale with the ever-evolving technologies. 

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