As a digital marketer, you have often been asked, ‘isn’t social media management all about content posting?’ Simply a ‘BIG NO’ to this skimpy thought. But, this is for the commoners. Somehow, the people using social channels as part of their everyday work have a better understanding of this domain.   

For marketers, social channels are their ‘business cards’ and ‘shop windows’ they use to bring an offline business online. All social platforms have certain ‘vibes’ and demographics, and thereby, which platform(s) will better suit your business goals. Social media management begins with selecting the right channel for your brand. For instance, LinkedIn helps exceed B2B marketing goals. On the other hand, Instagram is a B2C-dominated platform, and therefore, it can be a solid visual marketing channel for influencers and your product-based business.

In the past couple of years, Instagram has kept moving up the social media ladder with more than 1billion active monthly users worldwide.

It has recently rolled out some new, interesting, and time-saving features to help marketers and content creators achieve better user engagement and conversions.

Let’s cut to the chase!

This article will discuss how Instagram’s ‘story link sticker’ would benefit business and creator accounts. This new feature is perceived to replace Instagram’s swipe-up feature.

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Linking Out From Instagram Stories (RIP Swipe-Up)

The ultimate goal of brands and influencers on Instagram is to reach their audience, gain more followers and drive more traffic to your website. It would be much easier to add a link to your Instagram Story using the link stickers feature.  

RIP Swipe-Up

It’s a piece of good news that even after retiring the swipe-up feature, Instagram allows you to link out from stories. Tap the sticker to open the link.   

Alas! There is a downside too. You still need a verified account or 10,000 followers to access and use this feature.

Don’t panic! We have various hacks to help you use links on Instagram, directing the users to your desired landing pages even if you don’t have access to link stickers.


First, get yourself prepared to take the maximum out of this feature by following the recommendations below. 

  • Create personalized click-through landing pages to reach the goals you set.
  • Strategically place link stickers for more clicks and conversions. Test a handful of placements.

Let’s check them out in detail.

Create Instagram-friendly, personalized landing pages

Limited stories linking opportunities means you have to put a little more thought into your web pages. Do it now, but before that, make sure you have responsive, mobile-friendly landing pages because ultimately, you would be linking out your followers to a specific page to perform a particular action. 

Moreover, you can experiment with creating Instagram-only pages. Test all processes on your personalized click-through landing page on all mobile devices to evaluate how your followers would take a specific action like shopping or signing up.

Generic click-through landing pages and forms may not bring you the desired conversions. For example, the following images of an ad from Fuel Cycle showing a generic click-through page (with a headline and ad image) followed by a form can be helpful for message match to the target audience and quickly deploying your campaigns.

However, you can see that it’s not personalized advertising, and the brand is not speaking to the visitors as individuals. So, ultimately, it may not help reach the desired goals and conversion rate. 

Instagram Landing Page

White Papers

On the other hand, a more personalized, standalone web page with persuasive elements like videos, benefit-oriented copy, and testimonials to convince the visitors directed from your Instagram link stickers to convert on an offer.

Here’s the example for better understanding. 



This Instagram-friendly, responsive page is more likely to convert because of the following reasons.

  • The brief page, copy, and form will reduce friction, giving more clarity to visitors.
  • The word “Free” would persuade the visitors to e-guide downloading.
  • The 3-field form is time-saving, helping visitors to convert quickly. 
  • The video images are a bonus incentive upon downloading the eBook. 

Now, when a visitor from your Instagram story lands here on this page after clicking the link sticker is more likely to take action – allowing you to achieve your goals and conversion rate. 

Images Source: Instapage

Strategically Place Your Link Stickers

Instagram has not retired the swipe-up links, but soon they will be stickers. So stay ready for the future changes – keep streamlining your stories creation experience, allowing people to visit your external web pages by linking them to stickers in your stories.

Since stickers appear more user-friendly, therefore the primary goal of Instagram officials is to roll out this feature widely. In addition, people are more likely to tap a sticker (they find it easy) than a swiping up gesture.  

The following image has both options – swipe up and a linked sticker. What will you prefer? Tapping the link is far easier than hitting a button with a swinging blow.  

link sticker

Now, think about how you can use this feature to get more clicks and conversions. Here, you need strategically defined placements for your stickers to appear more appealing and readable. 

As you start creating a start, try a handful of placements to find where they appear more visible to get a significant number of hits for enhanced engagement and increased conversions. 

Following videos will help you understand the concept in a much better way.

In the first video on the left, you can see the sticker is placed on the upper right side, making it more prominent throughout the video for the user to click. You have a lot of space in the left lower end to add your sticker, but it will not be a good option with the moving cup. The sticker will fade out (0.01-0.03).

On the other hand, in the second video on the right, you can see it’s already crowded because of the complex design layout and too many colorful elements. The story is already so overwhelming – the dish covering the entire screen. So, the bottom of the screen appears as the best option to place your stickers. Putting your link stickers anywhere else on the story will make it more clunky and messy.

Modify Your Stories Templates 

If you are already using Swipe Up features, you may already have compelling CTAs to access and use from your Stories templates. For example, “SWIPE UP FOR THE RECIPE,” “Swipe Up to get Styled,” “Swipe up to Listen!” etc.

Modify Your Stories Templates

Which one is more attractive and persuading? The second one. Right? The link sticker is the icing on the cake. So, users are more likely to take action on customized stories.

Invest some of your precious time and rework your templates for future use when link stickers enter the game. Get your stories templates ready to use with updated CTAs as soon as Instagram abandons the Swipe Up feature.  

In the following image, you can see the eye-catching, built-in CTAs.  

swipup collage

In a nutshell, as with most of the Instagram features, the good thing will be adding in the social media marketing bucket for brands and creators.  Don’t forget to pay attention to new features. Also, track your analytics and see how they are changing audience interaction with your brand. 

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