Once known by sci-fi fans only, Artificial Intelligence is a big thing which gained significant prominence in different industries. The digital transformation has made AI a part of our everyday lives. With the endless possibilities associated with AI and its subsets – ML, DL, NLP, Robotics, Speech Recognition, etc. – it has become mainstream. You will seldom find any software development company not using AI as the main feature.

All-types and all-scale organizations are embracing this revolutionary technology. For example, ECommerce giants like eBay and Amazon have adopted AI to refine search results and provide products/services recommendations and many other tasks. Small companies are also adopting AI to improve user experience.  

Benefits of using AI for websites, especially eCommerce sites, include;

  • Personalized user experience
  • Lower costs and increased sales
  • Predictive sales marketing
  • Automation and data mining  
  • Fraud detection and prevention
  • Realtime customer support
  • And, MORE…

Let’s dig a little more and see which AI tools you should consider to streamline and automate your online business operations.

Adext AI :
It all begins with your target audience. This AI-powered audience management automation tool is based on machine learning algorithms that help businesses, especially online retailers (e.g., eBay, The Diamond Store), identify their most profitable audience. Moreover, it automates the budget optimization process vital to set up smart campaigns, scale performance, and profitable growth.     

Targeting the right audience means more chances of conversions, sales, and hence, increased revenue. Adext AI does this all by analyzing millions of data points to determine the most relevant and gainful audience segments for you at the right time.

Voice Search :
The fast-paced world has significantly changed human behavior. People want everything quick and with ease, including web browsing and search. They find verbal communication easy than hitting the keyboard or tapping on mobile screens. Voice search solutions are gaining prominence because they enable conversations between websites and users, making the user experience even better.

The famous tools include Apple Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, etc. The trend of eCommerce companies optimizing their sites with voice search features is gaining traction. Just a voice command, and all you need will be done quickly and efficiently.

Chatbot :
Live chats are mandatory for eCommerce support and growth. AI provides an incredible alternative to real professional assistants in the form of chatbots. These automated representatives work without pause – 24/7/365 – constantly happening to enhance customer experience. With highly functional interactive features and custom programming, these bots accommodate users’ queries with the most satisfactory responses.

Big organizations like Burberry, Amazon, etc., are using chatbots for even social media. For example, Alibaba’s eCommerce chatbot ‘AliMe’ deals with millions of customers’ queries in a day and helps them choose products. This dialogue platform is built on Natural Language Processing – a subset of AI that enables smart dialogue.

Uberflip :
This AI tool is mainly for any digital marketing agency looking to integrate marketing automation into their tech stack. It enables businesses to create unique customer experiences through content personalization. Widely used in many websites, Uberflip helps solve a significant problem for greeting visitors with a personalized approach – enhancing self-nurturing and stimulating user engagement.

This AI-enabled content experience platform helps digital marketers create digital experiences that accommodate content in every stage of the buyer’s journey. It accelerates the conversion process by assisting potential consumers in moving quickly through the buying process as they get customized guidance throughout the sales funnel. In addition, it allows increasing unique pages views and increased visitors’ time which help company’s earn recurring revenue.  

Crayon :
Audience and other KPIs aside, companies need to track their competitor’s activities to stay ahead of the pack. Crayon AI, a scalable data platform, is the solution that enables businesses to track, analyze and act on everything the competition is doing – ranging from marketing campaigns to customer reviews and even pricing. Based on this data, you can renovate your business plan, website, and other online operations to attain a competitive edge.     

Crayon data architects help identify initial pilots and PoC (proof of concept) and develop a strategic roadmap to prepare for scalable business strategy and identified needs. You can optimize your website through data use cases and understand your business and whatever is happening in the industry to innovate overall business processes.

Wrap Up:
All these AI-powered tools and technologies help companies accelerate their digital transformation process by adopting data-driven solutions. As a result, they can leverage the opportunities to optimize websites, increase efficiency, engage customers, generate sales, and modernize the ways to solve business challenges. 

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