With the covid-19 not leaving us anytime sooner, we will continue to experience accelerated growth of virtualization and digitization in society in general and businesses in particular. In addition, as we are about to enter the new year, all the essential drivers of digital transformation will regain their status, be it the need for sustainability, network speeds, ever-increasing data volumes, and automated solutions, to name a few.

Throughout this global pandemic, businesses face significant vulnerabilities to sustainability and profit structures. To keep going forward, they have to rely more on digital solutions while supporting a distributed workforce and hybrid workplace. At the same time, they need to become more agile. Here comes the need for software development services providers to play their part in keeping businesses excel with digital transformation to remain adaptable and efficient.

As all digital things are projected to accelerate in the upcoming year, we expect to experience more rapid innovation and technology-driven changes reshaping businesses across industries. At this point, many organizations and executives contemplate which technology trends will matter the most.

Here are some specific trends most relevant to technology investments businesses must get ready for now.

Digitization, Virtualization & Datafication

These technological trends are turning many aspects of our personal and business lives into data and digitization. Since 2020, we have been experiencing the virtualization of our workplaces because of remote working. Virtual offices hit us as a crisis-driven surge that’s expected to be a longer-term trend.

With the increased rate of digitization, we will become increasingly more familiar and dependent on big data and the concept of ‘metaverse’ – persistent, shared and 3D virtual spaces existing parallel to our physical, real world.

In 2022, virtual realities will keep gaining traction. The real world is expected to be more simulated with growing accuracy – having more immersive and valuable experiences in the digital space.

AI and Automation Everywhere

Everything is getting smart, which means products and business solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence, predominately based on machine learning algorithms and natural language processing.

The increased use of AI will amplify the degree of automation. From RPA (Robotic Process Automation) to AI-assistants and autonomous agents, intelligent process automation (IPA) will keep helping us in the most innovative ways. It has permeated the devices, tools, and apps we use in our everyday life – from voice assistants to chatbots, language translation tools, and AI-powered solutions that allow extracting structured data from different sources making our lives easier with data-driven decisions.

It’s a broad trend encompassing AI, IoT, big data, and superfast 5G networks that will continue equipping us with capabilities of doing just about anything. It highlights that the most impactful trend of the coming year will be the convergence of all these technologies.  

Tech-Driven Transparency & Accountability

The idea of transparent and accountable governance covering all aspects of human life is not something new. However, with the continually evolving technologies and digital transformation, the intrusion by bad actors and governments leaves a big question mark when it comes to trusting technology.

How can we balance data privacy and security when segments of our society distrust technology?  In 2015, black people were labeled as “gorillas” by Google’s Photos application, and recently in 2020, black men have been marked ‘primates‘ by Facebook. These incidents have exposed the destructive power of artificial intelligence. These long-running series of technology errors lift people’s trust in technology.

The solution also lies in the technology but with a regulatory framework to minimize the associated links. We need to develop more intelligent systems that help build better and secure models of transparent living and working environments with invulnerable accountability.

The coming year is expected to mark with more complex yet intelligent systems built on deep learning algorithms to initiate processes and independently make decisions – enabling the automation and transparency of critical life and business functions.   

Everything as a Service & Cloud Infrastructure

After SaaS, PaaS, and Iaas, we can safely say that it’s time for EaaS (Everything-as-a-Service). With the rise of cloud computing, the term “X as a Service” has emerged where X stands for many different things like platform, software, data, etc.

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS),
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS),
  • Software as a Service(SaaS), and
  • Data as a Service (DaaS)

These cloud service models are increasingly customizable with serverless infrastructural investment. You don’t have to be skillful or highly experienced to use these innovative models.

Today, you can use everything as a service where you need to do less and less because the service provider gives you everything pre-made and easy-to-use. This trend will surely strengthen its existence in the years ahead because it powerfully drives data and technology. In addition to cloud infrastructure, the no-coding approach can bring the businesses the most viable and the “best of both worlds” solutions.      

No-Code Software Revolution

At its core, this technology trend will level the software development playing field. In addition, it will be lowering the barrier for non-tech companies to the entry of digitization. Ready-made solutions are now available for everything you do – from business planning to human resource management, marketing, project management, and design production processes.

In 2022, you will see companies deploying high-fidelity, advanced IoT, and AI infrastructures without a single proprietary piece of complex, cognitive code. For example, OpenAI has recently launched its new and improved version of its AI code-completion model – Codex that generates code from natural human language.  

We will start to see no-code interfaces as one of the most popular trends in the coming years because of the lack of programming knowledge and diluted understanding of data structures and insights.

Final Thoughts:
As the technology matures, it is assumed to shatter all the barriers we face while converting world-changing ideas into reality. As mentioned above, all the tech trends are expected to make you experience the novel breakthroughs in the digital transformation taking over the real world at an accelerating pace.

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