The ‘metaverse’ is trendy right now, a buzzword capturing everyone’s attention. But, above all, it’s transforming the tech industry’s imagination. Think of it as a virtual environment – the internet brought to life – you can go inside and live there instead of looking at the screens only.  

Metaverse Explained – A Shared Virtual Universe 

Most people think metaverse is a modified version of Virtual Reality and is a virtual place. Some consider it as the future of the internet, which is accurate to some extent.  

Truth resides on the other side of the fence. It’s different from the currently used VR idea in gaming and entertainment. It could be practically used for anything – work, tourism, concerts, play or just socializing. Moreover, individuals could have a 3D avatar to represent themselves in this virtual world.

However, people envision this unique idea from different perspectives, and there is no single statement denoting the real essence of this idea.

For now, it is just an idea big giants like Facebook are working on. But, it can be believed with certainty that it will revolutionize everything by making the virtual world more important and influential than our physical world.  

Metaverse is Not a Place, But Time!

It may refer to a virtual environment, but it is not a place but a time.

Yes, it is a moment in time, just like the concept of singularity in artificial intelligence wherein a time moment marks AI becoming more intelligent than humans. It’s a moment in time when artificial intelligence surpasses human intelligence. Likewise, metaverse refers to the moment when our digital life supersedes our real life.  

Simply put, the metaverse is an online universe.

It broadly refers to the future-forward social hub or a shared virtual platform where people can access digital environments and move through them using different devices.

Well, the world is already living virtually. So, what difference can this idea make? 

The definition of the metaverse is a sort of space where virtually created lifelike avatars can meet. You can call it an ecosystem for modern connected apps or an AR/VR-ready dream of taking people to a virtual universe as popular as Fortnite, as creation-friendly as Minecraft, and as helpful as Slack and Zoom, etc.

It means the idea of metaverse depends on a mix of multiple devices utilizing a shared online world that could be immersive and 3D. It’s a fusion of AR/VR and other modern technologies to get more and more people into these virtual communities.  

The Goals:

The aim behind this idea seems to be the cross-platforming of virtual things for telepresence and teleportation regardless of the type of device you choose.  

For example, Facebook aims to bring people together in virtual spaces for work while Microsoft is trying for the tools looping the real-world devices with the AR/VR ecosystems.

Why did it suddenly become a big thing?

We all are aware of the digital world’s revolutionary moves, but the hype of augmented reality robustly pops up and suddenly dies away.  

However, the excitement about the idea of the metaverse is getting traction among wealthy investors and big tech giants like Facebook. It becomes a big thing in the least time because no one wants to be left behind if this truly brings the internet to life.

Everything from tech firms to real estate, military training, etc., can have a fully customized virtual world for improved user experience, providing a good training ground to live and excel in the digital world just like they do in the physical world.

In a nutshell, the metaverse is an idea of developing virtual spaces to interact with other humans, conduct business, play games, socialize, and shop without leaving your physical space. And, this is not something to be happening overnight. It’s a gradual process that’s been around for two decades.  We are not here to debate on whether it is good or bad. As a tech firm, our fingers are also crossed for what this idea based on immersive ecosystems will bring for the IT industry in the coming years.

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