There is a common perception that content marketing fails because of poor content quality. It’s not the only reason anymore. The primary root cause is inconsistency – it stops.

Do not get it wrong. It’s a fact. If you think that you can, you should. Uh, my bad but I must tell you to redefine your path and realign your strategy. It’s no longer necessary to take multiple content initiatives and launch at the same time. Instead, you can get the desired results from one resource depending on different factors – business niche, target audience, demographics, etc.

As a digital marketer, you should know what will work and what will not for profitable marketing. You should be strong-willed to keep moving forward without failure. Above all, you need grit with a never-give-up spirit.

A word of advice: Remember, there is no work-for-all rule of marketing success – converting leads into sales and generating revenue. However, a set of laws is a tangible way out. This article is about that.

Internal Marketing Plan:

Start internally. Sell for your people. No, it doesn’t mean you start promoting and selling your products or services to the company’s internal resources. Develop a content strategy for the decision-makers and budget controllers besides potential customers who usually don’t know what you are doing.

It is one of the reasons your digital marketing dies, even if it belongs to a high-profile company. Involve all key stakeholders in the due process – from research and data analysis to strategic planning and project management.  

Do you know what else can make your content marketing fail? Here are a few.

  •         Lack of documented strategy
  •         Not creating differentiated, valuable content
  •         Not distributing relevant content
  •         Inconsistent content delivery
  •         No patience to wait for the results

Well, these might be the common causes for failed content promotion. But, the primary reason is the same as before – top management has no idea what marketers are up to because they do not understand content marketing and its impact on the company’s scalable growth.


Your strategic content marketing approach should focus on the target audience. However, you should also create an internal marketing plan for those who make decisions and control the budget – your CMO, CFO, etc. You need to educate them about the importance of content marketing, who’s doing this craft well, and what’s the payoff?

If you don’t want your project to go up in flames, make sure your executive team knows and understands your marketing plan.

One Great Initiative:

You may have noticed that many companies launch a series of content marketing campaigns. These often are short films and animations, podcasts, and more or less around the same thing, targeting a single segment of their potential customers. Of course, you will get customers, but eventually, it will burn out. Even good and big companies fall trap to this strategy.

Launching multiple content initiatives altogether should be a big NO in your marketing moves. It can quickly turn into a recipe for marketing disaster if you pitch content initiatives for every channel all at once.    


Start small and low, but don’t go slow. Do one thing at a time but make sure it has great content energy to engage and convert the target audience. Lower your risk by avoiding executing multiple content campaigns at once unless you are sure about getting the desired results.

Focus on one or two things you could perform exceptionally great. Eventually, you can expand your sphere and evolve into a commercially successful brand. You will see all the big brands like P&G focus on one or two content marketing to start, like a blog or an e-newsletter which is truly helpful to engage the audience. Once you successfully develop a minimum viable audience, you can expand your content marketing efforts for multiple channels.

Consistency in Campaigns :

If you think you can create better customers with invincible loyalty in just a few months, unfortunately, you are in the wrong. Your content marketing campaigns may not bring you the desired results. It will be a short-lived success. Isn’t it crazy to invest countless hours and infinite energy in anything to be stopped soon?

It’s one of the worst moves in content marketing that you initiate campaigns, and after some time, you just stop sending the target audience your content. It usually happens when marketers become infatuated with a few sales. The primary purpose of content is not to get leads or sales but to build a better consumer base that will eventually convert into loyal customers. And, you cannot do it with quick campaigns but the ones with absolute persistence.   


Building a loyal audience and substantial customer retention ratio takes time. It may take a year or more for a content strategy to start reaping desired results for longer. Content marketing won’t work with its full potential if you want immediate results and looking into sales alone. For this, you need to buy advertising.

Paid campaigns for even a tiny period can bring you sales. Marketing your brand through content is for customer building, and that’s a gradual process. Therefore, you need to be consistent with your organically executed campaigns for content promotion. Consider content marketing a marathon and set realistic expectations that might take a year or more to enjoy the real payoff.   

Multiple Revenue Channels :

Every marketer works with a set goal: brand awareness, lead generation or conversions, etc. Your marketing goal could be customer retention or escalate the value of current customers. However, is it enough to have a robust marketing goal, or do you need something more? And, that more is the ultimate goal of every business. Guess what? Revenue generation.    

It means you need to plan for different lines of revenue. For instance, if you are an NGO, your primary goal might be driving more stranded people or abandoned kids into your system using social media content. But at the same time, you need to raise funds through sponsored content and advertising. Create original content for potential donors and contributing bodies and also share and control their content on other platforms.


Build a powerful content media marketing revenue model as the core of your branding efforts. Build your audience through multiple channels to increase your revenue.

Marketing review

Scale up your asset performance and process optimization related to content initiatives to enterprise-level and boost your audience-building efforts for growing revenue. Here are different lines of revenue generation.    

  •         Selling more products and services
  •         Focus on repeat customer sales
  •         Create premium content for sale
  •         Expand profitable consumer base
  •         Paid content advertising
  •        Cross-sell to drive more revenue

Plan for the right revenue opportunities by anticipating the prospects and doing it accurately to develop self-sustaining revenue generation streams.   

Final Say! Take these laws of content marketing to heart, and you will be a successful marketer for the decades to come.

The future of digital experience lies in the evolution of content marketing and software development. 

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