Google Top Search Trends Report 2021 provides clear insights about the world adapting to the idea of constant disruption. The report also denotes that uncertainty is still roaming around, and people are not yet ready to completely embrace the new normal or drop the lifestyle developed in the last two years. The world is under the healing process and kept searching to return to normal they were living before the pandemic.

 Google Search Trends Meant For Digital Marketers

Source: Think With Google 

Google search data reveals the changing priorities of the people and allows online marketers to prepare themselves to meet customer demands in the future.  The report shows YOY (year over year) increase in searches containing millions of keywords from around the world. What does this data mean for online marketers? Let’s take a closer look. 

Search – The Language of Customer Demand

A considerable shift in consumer behavior because of the global pandemic brings more challenges and opportunities for businesses.  It becomes essential for advertisers to respond quickly to consumer inquiries and meet their demands in real-time. 

Moreover, they need to be more efficient in deploying budgets. For this, they must be aware of demand reduction just like they know when it escalates. And, all these insights come from Google search data.

For example, people focus more on self-improvement, as demonstrated through a 100% increase in Google searches containing “swim lessons near me.”  It means successful marketing starts with search and reaps the benefits by quickly and precisely addressing consumer demand found in that search.     

Google searches containing “swim lessons near me.”

Source: Google Data, all search phrases unless otherwise specified, Sept. 1, 2019–Aug. 1, 2021.

Search Campaigns – Modern, Smart Approach

Automation plays a vital role in taking modern search campaigns to the next level. It helps marketers pair smart bidding and broad match keywords to keep pace with the continuously evolving customer behavior. 

As a result, they can show up for all people with search intent related to their offerings regardless of the changing customer behavior – ensuring to meet business objectives. 

With smart bidding, you will be better positioned to get the desired results.  And, when combined with broad match keywords, it helps improve your search strategy.

To Sum Up

In 2021, Google trends in search push marketers to learn the importance of speed, agility, and readiness in business resilience and profitable success. Businesses need to set the right goals and understand how to value conversions properly. 

Google insights on search trends allow advertisers to respond at speed and at scale using Google Ad tools. They can position and optimize their digital marketing campaigns to unlock growth by capitalizing on changing customer behavior you deeply understand through global search trends.