Needless to say, automation stands out among the latest marketing strategies and trends, letting business owners improve productivity and offload time-consuming tasks. That’s not all, folks. Automation also reduces overheads, boosts leads and conversions, and helps businesses to grow with fewer resources. 

Want some proof? Let’s flick through a few jaw-dropping statistics. 

40% of marketers believe that automation has a positive impact on productivity. In addition, 80% of the companies experience an increase in leads through marketing automation. Not only this, the international Business Process Automation (BPA) market size is estimated to grow from USD 9.8 billion back in the year 2022 to USD 19.6 billion by the year 2026, at the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.2% during the forecast period. 

Considering the mind-blowing statistics mentioned above, growth-oriented businesses are also exploring innovative concepts and technologies associated with automation. Among them, hyperautomation is the most trending topic among businesses. As per Gartner, it is an inevitable market state. But the question is: what exactly is it, and why is it the trending topic among businesses of this modern age. 

Hold on to your hats while we hurl through some technical lingo. 

As per the Gartner’s report, this terminology is defined as follows: 

“Hyperautomation is the combination of several packaged software, machine learning, and automation tools to deliver work. In addition, it deals with the application of advanced technologies including machine learning and artificial intelligence to augment humans and automate processes increasingly.”

In addition to extending across a broad range of tools, it primarily refers to steps of automation mentioned in the image below. 

Keep the ball rolling to know more about hyperautomation and its benefits. 

  • Augments ROI 

This technology helps businesses to achieve a better bottom line. On top of that, it has a vast potential to deliver increased ROI for companies. For example, it can optimize the invoice process by automating the end-to-end multi-layered approach to provide successful returns and secure outcomes. 

  • Enhances Accessibility to Data and Its Storage Mechanisms 

As hyperautomation is based on the integration of modern processes and software for increased efficiency, firms can expect more smooth collaborations among users and their infrastructure. The preponderance of multi-cloud and hybrid technologies also makes system integrations an essential aspect of digital transformation.  

  • Boosts Employee Engagement and Satisfaction 

This technology plays a pivotal role in improving work quality with the utilization of advanced technologies, which readily reduce the complexity of manual work. Thanks to this evolving technology, that increases workforce engagement and employee satisfaction. 

  • Increases Business Agility 

Business agility refers to the company’s feasibility of adapting to change. An organization can ensure that it can scale according to the evolving requirements and demands with the utilization of hyperautomation. Businesses can involve intelligent automation tools that can make it effortless to change and keep pace with the evolving and dynamic markets.  

  • Improves Productivity and Fosters Team Collaboration 

This technology offers organizations with means to connect employees with the tools they use daily. The novel transformation that firms will experience through this approach will encourage several departments to be involved in the process. The organization will find it seamless to collaborate with one another with hyperautomation software, RPA, and other intelligent tools. 

  • Automates Processes and Amplifies Automation of Work 

Organizations can automate repetitive and tedious tasks to make processes easier for their employees with the help of RPA, but hyperautomation does more than that. Companies can merge an assembly of tools, technologies, and components with the help of this evolving technology to increase the magnitude of automation in their business.    

Get Started with Hyperautomation Today! 

Organizations that are paying attention to hyperautomation have to follow the steps mentioned below: 

  • Gather Insights on Processes: Businesses can utilize process mining to know about the working of current processes and pinpoint gaps and bottlenecks in current systems. They can also identify aspects that can benefit from digital automation. 
  • Data Identification: Businesses should then start looking into both unstructured and structured data. Not only this, but they should also lay their eyes on other inputs that can help them work on automating the processes. 
  • Outcome Prediction: Businesses can then initiate predicting the outcomes with regards to their efficiencies and ROI. 
  • Determination of Automated Platform: Businesses should analyze and find which automation platform works best according to their requirements. They can even utilize existing tools and algorithms for such purposes. 
  • Automate Complex Business Processes: Initiate automating sophisticated business processes and activities. Businesses should not rule out further-automating existing automated technologies to become more efficient. 
  • Utilization of AI Tools to Achieve Tasks: Take benefit of AI-powered tools to execute all actions. Here, the latest technologies such as cognitive learning and natural language processing can prove to be beneficial. 

Final Thoughts 

Irrevocably, hyperautomation proves to be beneficial to organizations in several industries. This is because it integrates a plethora of advanced technologies to automate a broad range of processes. As the popularity and discussion of this technology continue to evolve, firms of this modern age should begin adopting it to stay competitive in this world. 

The goal for those who have already acquired this approach is to avoid being left behind. They should continue to access existing processes and ensure that their current tool stack is still working accurately and adequately. As with all existing technologies, firms have to remind their team to continue to use modern tools in an effective and smart manner. That’s why organizations should select hyperautomation tools and software that operators can combine to work seamlessly. Having a collaborative ecosystem of automated processes makes the employees’ life easier to coordinate with one another towards a common agenda. 

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