The notion of distributed enterprises has gradually but steadily crept into the spotlight, especially since the pandemic outbreak. This is because this model is offering the best possible ways to tackle the post-pandemic challenges. Enhanced productivity, widened talent pool, increased agility and several other benefits are already convincing several companies to switch to their distributed approach. 

Still, there are several executives that are reluctant to make the jump. The distributed approach is probably extremely beneficial but implementing it can be complex and challenging. What’s more? Acquiring it forces businesses to make consequential changes to their infrastructure, operations, and even their culture.   

Let’s first understand this most talked-about nomenclature – distributed enterprise. 

“Distributed enterprises are companies that have embraced the hybrid approach to work with a distributed twist to it. Such enterprises differ from traditional companies as they add remote teams from different cities, countries, and even continents to their full-time staff.”

Keep reading to know more about the significance of distributed enterprises, security challenges, and why cybersecurity mesh is a sure-shot game-changer for distributed enterprises. 

Significance of Distributed Enterprises 

Resilience and flexibility are two terms that go hand in hand because they are intimately connected. Having flexible teams and operations allows you to better adjust to unforeseen circumstances while still having the capability to deliver. 

Now, you must be wondering, “What does any of this have to do with distributed enterprises?”  Certainly more than a lot. By embracing a distributed model, a company no longer depends on a centralized office, team, and infrastructure.  Instead, it relies on a larger network of experts who, in turn, leverage regional nodes strategically situated across different regions, countries, and cities. 

Distributed teams bring the best of remote and in-house teams while also offering plenty of advantages such as follow: 

  • High scalability potential 
  • Improved retention rates 
  • More efficient cost management 
  • Increased productivity 
  • Larger talent pool to recruit new team members 

And the above bullet points are benefits only for the companies. People who are working with the distributed enterprises also have a plethora of benefits such as: 

  • Possibility to pick where they work 
  • Better work-life balance 
  • Improvement in overall well-being

Benefits of Cybersecurity Mesh 

A decentralized, standards-based cybersecurity mesh approach offers the following additional benefits: 

  • Greater Scalability: Businesses can add a new layer of defense when required, without influencing existing layers. This enables a very scalable approach, where innovative security mechanisms can be smoothly added on top of legacy security controls. 
  • Reduced Complexity: Businesses can increase efficiency and reduce complexity by deploying multiple solutions that work together while lowering costs associated with managing several solutions independently. 
  • Improved Visibility:  Organizations can monitor traffic coming in and out of their network. They can identify threats spontaneously before they enter or leave your network. This makes it easier to respond swiftly if a firm faces an attack or incident on its network perimeter. 

How to Develop a Cybersecurity Mesh?

A series of discrete solutions are brought together to typically construct a cybersecurity mesh, such as cloud-based security services, on-premises firewalls, and third-party managed security service providers. 

Following are the two most effective ways for the implementation of cybersecurity mesh. 

  • Utilizing a lightweight agent on each node that runs periodic checks against its peers. It can send out alerts via its own channel, email for example if any anomalies are detected. If a hacker has one system present at one certain location, then he or she will have access to everything else which is connected to that device via this channel. Here’s why the communication of alerts offers an efficacious way to detect cybersecurity vulnerabilities in a highly decentralized environment. 
  • Situating policy enforcement points at strategic locations within the network where firms can legislate their policies. Those policy enforcement points probably include switches, routers, firewalls, or even IoT(Internet of Things) devices themselves if required. This permits centralized policy management and enforcement services that all nodes can use in the network with minimal configuration overhead for each node. There is no need for VPN tunnels or direct connectivity between systems, for instance.  


To cut the long story short, cybersecurity mesh is an innovative way of looking at enterprise protection. We will see more enterprises using it in the approaching years as standard practice, especially as digital security gets stronger, physical security gets weaker, and modern-age enterprises improve cybersecurity awareness. 

Cybersecurity mesh is not going to substitute the VPN and firewall solutions of this current age. However, they will continue to enhance and develop along with cybersecurity as a whole, making sure that modern organizations that prefer this route are well prepared for future cybersecurity requirements. 

Hence, security teams need to envision and embrace such distributed cyber-mesh architectures as a crucial part of their cyber threat intelligence efforts. Simultaneously, Chief Security Information Officers should take sophisticated measures to integrate cybersecurity meshes into their medium and long-term solutions portfolio.  

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