Buckle up, everyone, because now, we have got a new experience acronym to unpack, and trust me, it is a total package. In this amazing piece of content, we will discuss the most talked-about term these days, total experience (TX). 

Total Experience, recently featured in Gartner’s list of strategic tech trends for 2022, is the next step in the experience evolution. Basically, the total experience is based on the idea that no experience operates in a vacuum. Employee experience proves to be influential for customer experience. Similarly, user experience proves to be influential for employee experience. 

“Total experience (TX) is a business strategy. The goal of this strategy is to provide a better, holistic experience to everyone who engages with the brand. Such as employees, users, customers, partners, etc.”

Creating an effective total experience (TX) needs a combination of design, understanding, and orchestration. Businesses should have a total experience work stack in place to make a business’s growing tech stack work for them. That roadmap should consider the interactions that people have with a business’s brand products and channels. Keep in mind that technology should assist businesses to orchestrate the design instead of dictating the design. 

With that in mind, let us lay our eyes on the following easy-to-follow steps organizations can use to level up their customer experience, create a total experience that plants a seed of curiosity among customers, and drives long-term loyalty. 

So without any further adieu, let’s jump right into it.   

  • Meet Emotional and Functional Requirements of People 

Effective and efficient are the two things that your customers expect as the baseline for their experience with a brand. Customers and employees of this modern age require an emotional connection with the brand they are heading towards. What are the emotional triggers and motivations that attract your target customers in the first place? And how do those triggers prove to be influential to their functional requirements during those interactions? Hence, businesses should strive to meet the functional and emotional requirements of their customers to provide a seamless total experience. 

  • Make Sure That Every Experience is Proactive and Predictive 

This is quite common for organizations to design their total experience roadmap with the help of previous customer journeys and experiences. After that, this tends to be the most readily available data they have. But this approach creates a reactionary experience – one that waits for customer engagement with the problem, information request, or support first. Businesses should think about how they can introduce proactive communications and next-best-actions that help their customers navigate across different channels, and motivate their customers.  

  • Create a Humanized Experience 

Very much of the total customer experience is digital in this modern age of technological advancements. While it is possible to get support, purchase a product, or explore a product anytime anywhere. This also strips away some of the human touches that can leave a lasting impression on your customers. As businesses design their total experience, they should consider where higher-touch moments could prove to be beneficial from more personal interaction, either face-to-face or through other personalized elements. It is where technology can play a significant role. Integrating sophisticated automation or innovative artificial intelligence algorithms can help your employees deliver personalized experiences to customers and the moments they need most.

  • Use Hyper-Personalization The Enhance The Impact of Every Touchpoint

Hyper-personalization recognizes the unique requirements and preferences of people within touchpoints across the customer journey. Every customer wants to feel heard in such moments. Brands of this modern age have an opportunity to show customers that they are more than a number by utilizing customer data to alert during customer support calls or to send an automatic note after the next steps in the purchase process. 

  • Evaluate Current Business Architecture With Brutal Honesty 

If an organization is already investing in several customer experience (CX) tools for the introduction of great personalization, faster support, and more channels to the customer experience, it may be time for a review to see how greatly such tools are accomplishing such goals. Do such tools permit us to execute new visions for the customer experience? If the answer of this question is no, then it may require switching the tools the business is utilizing or redeploying them in such a way that focuses on collaboration, integration, and optimization. Ultimately, the goal for an organization’s CX tech stack should be that it is informed by the business’s CX strategy, not the other way around. 

  • Foster Organizational Alignments 

Everyone thinks the same about the desired experience when your organization is aligned. If new platform or recalibration of an exciting platform is required, alignment can help power an organization’s team forward. That shared vision for the customer experience will play a pivotal role in motivating everyone on the team to stay that course, and buy in to the requirement for new tools, team, and internal methods. 

How ArhamSoft (Pvt) Ltd Provides the best TX

For more than 10 years, ArhamSoft (Pvt) Ltd has lived and breathed customer engagement. Through hundreds of customer experience (CX) engagements, we have guided our potential clients towards the appropriate technology stack, and transformative strategies that empower them to create meaningful, sustainable, and purpose-driven activities. 

Our 360-degree approach to the transformation of customer experience (CX) is structured to help clients find their own CX north star, then optimize experience outcomes across the complete customer’s journey. 

  • Experience strategy: The research and vision defining your experience and North star. 
  • Digital experience: The insights and intelligence driving smart CX design decisions. 
  • Interaction experience: The definition of engagement and journeys, helping to support, personalize and accelerate the total experience. 
  • Experience innovation:  The development and innovation that keeps your company ahead of the competition. 

Let us help you improve your organization, and enhance the way your customers, employees, and partners want and have a need to interact with your brand. We strongly believe that truly transformative experiences happen at the intersection of design and orchestration. 

So contact us now and leverage our compelling services before it’s too late.