It’s been a long time since the nomenclature augmented reality (AR) was added to the glossary of the tech world. When this terminology was first introduced by Boeing as an internal tool to aid designing, no one ever imagined that AR would become a popular technology for the masses and reshape the dimensions of the world.  

According to the Markets And Markets research report, the global market value of augmented reality (AR) is expected to reach $60 billion by the year 2023 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 40.29%. 

Now the questions on the tongue of most sharp business people would be: is investing in AR application development really worth it? What benefits of AR warrant the investment in time, resources, and money put into it? 

Keep reading to know more about the effectiveness of hiring AR developers. 

AR Consulting and Why It’s Required

Hiring AR developers might require a person who will be responsible for the AR strategy and the task performance. So that is the main reason why hiring an AR consultant would be a great business solution. IT consultants of all sorts can provide a significant boost to your business, expanding its capabilities and enhancing its performance. Such a specialist probably be the crucial factor that will make you stand out among your competitors. 

So, is the urge for augmented reality developers sky-high? Irrevocably yes! Will they be even more high in demand and become popular in the future? Without a doubt. 

Substantial growth in the shipment of AR headsets, sensors, mobile applications, and 3D cameras in the latest years is a clear indication of the increased popularity of this game-changing technology in all domains. 

Impact of AR on Different Industries 

When discussing the industries in which AR technology is playing a pivotal role, gaming, food, travel & tourism, and retail, are on the top of the list. 

However, the use cases of augmented reality are not limited to these business verticals. 

Few of the businesses using augmented reality and attaining benefits from this compelling technology are as follow:

  • Healthcare: The way this compelling technology is transforming this industry includes augmented diagnosis, augmented surgery, augmented training, and practice. 
  • Military: The technology is helping the soldiers prepare for the battle, dispose of bombs and other explosive elements, enhance their skills in using different weapons, etc. 
  • Entertainment: The technology has touched all the subdomains of the industry, be it music, live events, or movies in several ways.  
  • Real estate: Technology has irrevocably paved the way for higher success. It has assisted entrepreneurs take their real estate business beyond the limitations of existing tools.  
  • Manufacturing and supply chain: Involvement of AR technology in manufacturing industries is the foremost reason behind the industry’s unprecedented growth. 
  • Education and training: The technology is assisting students and teachers in coping with numerous prevailing issues, such as ambiguity in understanding the concept. 
  • Social media:  This technology has enabled users to bring their updates to life with catchy AR filters as we have already experienced in the case of the TweetReality App. 

Steps to Integrate Augmented Reality Into Your Business? 

When talking about how to integrate augmented reality into your business, here is a roadmap to follow: 

  • Do the market research: Instead of going with the hype, first of all, you should dive deeper into the business market and understand the potential technology. 
  • Examine internal business challenges: While getting acknowledged with how others are making benefits from AR, it is important to understand the limitations of your traditional business processes.  
  • Hire an AR application expert: The final step after the evaluation of the problem and possible outcomes is to select the best AR VR development company

Beware of Uncertainty 

The digital revolution is unlocking value across the economy and unleashing productivity. At the same time, the rapid evolution of automation and machine learning is raising serious concerns about the human opportunity. It is easy to conclude that technological innovations and advancements are diminishing human opportunity. The role of humans in the future is clearly misunderstood. People have unique strengths such as imagination, flexibility, intuition, and creative ability, and algorithms will not replicate it anytime soon. Technologies such as AR/VR are irrevocably a historic innovation, and they help humans enhance their own capabilities. Augmented reality allows people to better tap into the digital revolution and all it has to offer. 

In a nutshell, the world is moving towards augmented reality and virtual reality technology and if your business does not have thought about applying them, reevaluate it. 

Hire Dedicated AR/VR Developers from ArhamSoft (Pvt) Ltd 

Hire AR/VR developers from ArhamSoft (Pvt) Ltd, who follow a versatile approach to developing 360-degree video streaming systems. We execute most of the projects using either a fixed price model or a dedicated team model. In both models, we will give the below team to the client to ensure the project’s quality for the client’s satisfaction: 

  • Project Manager 
  • Dedicated developer
  • Quality assurance tester 

Hire VR/AR developers from Arhamsoft who are experts in customized VR/AR development using cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), sensors, unity 3D, machine learning (ML), computer vision algorithms for 3D mapping, 3D virtual object manipulation, 3D modeling of the virtual environment, face detection, intelligent object-recognition, and recognition along with gender, age and emotions recognition.  

You should hire dedicated augmented reality/ virtual reality developers from ArhamSoft (Pvt) Ltd to treasure the following compelling benefits: 

  • We are a top-notch ISO-certified company 
  • Adaptive and agile development 
  • Complete control over the team
  • The team is reachable irrespective of the place and time. 
  • Resource flexibility 
  • The project scalability is beyond comparison. 
  • Strictly follow the project target and deadlines. 
  • Keep off unplanned costs
  • Strong skill set in the latest development and technological trends 
  • With our hiring model, you can directly communicate with our ninjas via video call, email, demos, and daily reports. 

So why remain sitting on the fences? Contact us now and hire expert AR/VR developers to meet your development needs at ease!