Did you know that the estimated market growth for AR development is $97.76 billion by 2028? Yes, you read it absolutely right. Augmented reality has a mind-blowing potential to evolve. This sure-shot game changer will revolutionize the digital world in the forthcoming years.  

Before we explore the steps companies follow to develop AR apps, let’s first get a better understanding of what AR technology actually is in the simplest way possible. 

Augmented reality can be seen as a connection between the real world and virtual data. AR technology possesses the following three characteristics: 

  • Look at the world around us in 3D (Because we live in three-dimensional space)
  • Link the virtual data and real-world in real-time. 
  • Be interactive in real time i.e. a change in the real plane results in an adjustment of the virtual data. 

Augmented reality application development can take a number of forms on the basis of the business goals you are pursuing with your application. Following are the major types of AR solutions. 

  • Superimposition-based augmented reality
  • Projection augmented reality 
  • Location-based augmented reality
  • Marker-based augmented reality

Let’s flick through 8 easy-to-follow steps every successful AR app development company follows to develop an augmented reality application. Press ahead. 

  • Finding a Unique Selling Proposition and Niche

Vision creation of your future product is the first and foremost step of augmented reality app development. This is not possible without knowing your market state, competition, and which niches still have a place for new names. You can include the following steps in your action plan: 

  • Find out about the local market and popular applications over there. 
  • Identify your competition. Also, figure out their strong and weak points. 
  • Make a comprehensive analysis of your target audience, its interests, demographics, income, and so on. 
  • Decide the niche you will target on the basis of collected data, and how your application will stand out among your competitors. 
  • Business Plan and Reaction

The next step is you need to create a comprehensive business plan after you figure out how to make an augmented reality application that will meet user expectations and will be unique. Finding the right monetization model is one of the steps. 

Following are the few models that you can consider: 

  • Subscription
  • Advertising 
  • Freemium 
  • Looking For An App Development Vendor

Working with a reliable tech company that can create robust augmented reality applications is the ultimate secret behind successful applications. 

Here are the steps explaining how to make the best choice. Make sure not to skip any one of them: 

  • Search for a company providing augmented reality app development services. You may utilize platforms such as clutch, the manifest, and others.
  • The 1st priority should be professionalism and experience, and the second priority should be price. 
  • Shortlist companies on the basis of clients’ feedback. 
  • Do the complete analysis of the vendor. Compare their expertise, location, and more. 
  • Contact shortlisted companies for an interview. 
  • Choose your future technical partner wisely. 
  • Determining The Application’s Functionalities

This step is extremely crucial in augmented reality application development. Choose the best functionality together with the vendor, permitting you to develop an augmented reality application according to your business requirements. You probably need to implement some other features aside from choosing SDKs, as mentioned in the table below. 

Service  APIs
Social Media Instagram Twitter Facebook
Mailing Services SendGrid Firebase Cloud Messaging Gmail ZeroBounce 
Navigation Google Maps Google Places
Payments Google Pay Apple Pay Braintree Stripe PayPal
Push notifications  Firebase Cloud Messaging Twilio Nexmo Plivo Apple Push Notifications 

  • Creation of UX/UI Design

The inseparable part of the AR apps development process is the design creation. You will need to work on the branding, user flows, and unique style of your application together with competent designers at this stage. Keep in mind that copycat solutions won’t have a high chance of success. Hence, you have to focus on unique visual representation and features in AR app design. 

  • Development of the Project

You will endure this core part of your journey to create your application. Your solution’s backend and front-end parts are developed at this stage based on the produced design materials. Every technical solution and implemented feature should be thoroughly tested to avoid scalability, app performance, and reliability problems. 

  • Marketing and Promotion of the Project

You can start working on your marketing strategy while the development process is underway. The main agenda here is to spark interest in your target audience with the implementation of the following marketing approaches. 

  • Paid ads
  • Social media marketing (SMM)
  • Influencer marketing 
  • Content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Events 
  • Partnerships 
  • Customer Feedback and Growth Planning  

Initiate collecting customer feedback to figure out what they think about your application once your application is released to the market. Do the complete analysis of customer feedback and make improvements in your application on the basis of it. Schedule a meeting with your team regarding how they can be implemented with future updates. 

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