The one way to stay relevant as the fourth industrial revolution picks up is to keep up with modern technology. 

A whopping 52% of fortune 500 companies have either been acquired, ceased to exist, or gone bankrupt because of the digital disruption since 2000. Not a single industry is immune, and the scale of digital disruption is only revving. 

Disruptive industry 4.0 technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, extended reality, and mixed reality are reshaping the dimensions of this world, and the way business is conducted. So, is your business ready? 

Before concluding that, let’s have a quick look at some jaw-dropping statistics. 

An extensive survey of 3000 leading international enterprises reveals that 49% are already acquiring, 19% are planning to acquire, and 30% are not currently planning to acquire a mixed reality solution. A survey of the overall AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) industry concluded that an average reduction in the rework of 50% and an increase of task efficiency of 60% with the implementation of MR technology. Not only this, a study conducted by Boeing depicted that mixed reality plays a pivotal role in improving productivity in product assembly by 25%. 

Keep reading to find out how MR is different from AR and VR, the benefits of hire mixed reality developers, tools & technology, and the role of Arhamsoft (Pvt) ltd in the MR industry. Stick with us till the end. 

How Does MR Differ From AR and VR? 

Technology Definition Tech Used
Virtual Reality (VR) You are completely immersed in the digital world, like with a VR video game.  Virtual reality headsets such as HTC VIVE or Oculus (soon to be called Meta Quest)
Augmented Reality (AR) Digital objects are overlaid on, or placed on top of the real world. You can view them via the car’s windshield or the device’s camera.  Phones, tablets, and heads-up automobile displays.
Mixed Reality (MR) Digital objects are not only overlayed. They are anchored to the physical world, and you can easily interact with them.  Mixed reality headsets such as Magic Leap or Microsoft HoloLens


Benefits of Hiring MR Developers 

There are several benefits of hiring MR developers and using MR technology in businesses. Some of the non-negligible benefits of this evolving technology are as follow: 

  • It minimizes the chances of making mistakes while recruiting and screening and enables a company to get assured entirely about one’s potential before final hiring. 
  • MR is capable of transporting people anywhere, whether imaginary or real. This shifts the marketing from telling the story of a product to let investors or consumers experience the product themselves in the form of sensors like feel and touch. 
  • MR can help to guide users step by step via modules overlaid onto real-world parts, training information, and assemblies in front of them. This helps in reducing the time required to enhance the worker’s skill sets. 
  • MR lets people collaborate at different levels. It allows people to make real-time collaboration by cutting down the inevitable wastage of time.  

Tools Required for MR Development

A couple of tools that the team probably potentially utilize in developing MR experiences include the following: 

  • A powerful version control system is required for the handling of several large files and iterations which are involved in using a game engine.
  • Game engines such as Unreal or Unity are remarkable tools for MR development. They let teams create remarkable visual experiences. 
  • Several makers of head-mounted displays offer kits to assist aspiring MR developers in enhancing their knowledge about how to use their technology. 

Where to Start?

The team needs to make a plan once the team decides that they have the budget, time, and buy-in to initiate MR development. Following are some of the initial stages of getting started with mixed reality development. Let’s dive in: 

  • You will want to determine where to focus your efforts to make a detailed plan for your team’s first MR project. Start by asking questions such as which of our data could be better communicated with MR, what could save money in the long run, and other relevant questions. 
  • 3D modeling can possibly be time-consuming if your team does not have a lot of experience in it. Consider drafting the MR experience by bodystorming for the initial mockup. Such steps let you get a feel for the experience easier and cheaply before you allocate resources to MR development. 
  • Several organizations are specialized in creating MR and XR solutions for a vast range of industries. You probably want to reach out to the company whose MR technology you are considering if you would prefer to go in-house.  They are likely to have kits, guides, or teams to assist potential users to get started with MR development. 

Summing Up

Mixed reality depicts a more personalized and immersive digital experience. New businesses have already embedded this revolutionary technology into their business processes. But, still, this technology is yet to be explored and can be utilized creatively as per the business needs. This can offer better results as compared to what resides in the current scenario in terms of marketing, communicating, training, recruiting, and more. 

Mixed reality has the potential to enhance or even reduce the need for following a stringent process for recruiting, marketing, training, or any other task. In addition, mixed reality experience can result in the evolution of a person’s perception and acceptance of digital items, thereby developing a requirement for the same in the market.  

What Do We Have For You?  

The vision of ArhamSoft (Pvt) Ltd is to help companies by permitting them to showcase their product anywhere in the world to as many people and as many times as they want. Expensive or seldom impossible transportation of equipment is not required. Instead, companies can immerse their client in a digital ecosystem that will showcase their product in the best way possible, and not only permit potential customers to see it, but also engage with it and touch it as if they were in the real world. 

Find out how mixed reality could enhance your business and propel it to the vanguard of its field. 

Let us discuss mixed reality project ideas of your company and start a conversation today!