People used to depend on desktop applications before web applications became a thing. Seems like web-based solutions are gradually pushing desktop solutions out, right? Well, there has recently been an unexpected comeback in the popularity of desktop application development.  Some brightest examples of web apps that have begun to expand into desktops include Wrike, Azure, and Trello. 

There would be barely anyone in today’s modern era of technological innovations who is unfamiliar with desktop applications. Still, let’s have a quick recap. 

Desktop applications are basically software programs that can run on a standalone computing device to carry out a particular set of tasks. They can be categorized either by the platform they support or according to the cross-platform tools along with the libraries and programming languages they utilize. 

A native application is a program that developers develop using a particular platform or device, such as .Net and C## for Windows and Objective C for macOS. On the flip side, a cross-platform application is a program that can run with little to no modification on Macintosh, Linux/Unix platforms, and windows without compromising on its quality, functionality, and usability. 

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Why is The Cross-Platform Desktop App Development Better Than The Native One? 

Here are the reasons that justify why cross-platform desktop development is better than native one: 

  • Similar User Interface (UI): Software should have the same user interface (UI) as it is going to function on different platforms. Multi-platform type of desktop application development is a better option. 
  • Reduce time to market: cross-platform development helps in cutting down time by almost half. Furthermore, the amendments you make only leave an impact on one piece of code when you work with cross-platform development technologies and tools. This leads to the fact that you will spend comparatively less amount of time fixing bugs. As a result, the final delivery of the project will be easier and quicker. 
  • Increased efficiency: Developing and making amendments in a cross-platform project is faster as compared to the native. In addition, a comparatively small team is required for quality maintenance. 

Best Frameworks for Desktop App Development

Determining the top-notch frameworks for app development utilization is never a walk in the park for the developers. You must be familiar with the advantages and disadvantages that you probably encounter while using it aside from just analyzing the features of that particular framework. Using the appropriate framework and toolkit for developing desktop apps can bring efficiency, convenience, and cost-effectiveness. Developers can use minimal resources to produce tailor-made and high-quality applications that can meet your client’s needs. 

Following are some best frameworks developers should get their hands on for developing desktop applications

  • Tauri
  • Electron
  • Neutralino js
  • Xojo
  • OS.js
  • WPF Toolkit
  • 8th Dev
  • Flutter on Desktop
  • Haxe
  • Enact
  • UWP
  • Xamarin.Forms
  • WPF
  • WinForms
  • Cocoa

Keep in mind to choose the best framework and toolkit mentioned above based on your project requirements and preferences to develop incredible desktop applications.  Read on to know about some popular languages for developing desktop applications. 

Programming Languages for Desktop App Development  

There are several aspects that need attention when it comes to desktop application development. Developers need to make sure that their applications fit the requirements of their potential customers to keep up their competitive edge in the ever-evolving market. The application’s design, color scheme, and set of features will affect user experience, sales, and the final profit. But there is one more thing that should not be forgotten i.e., choosing the right programming language. 

Here is the list of the best programming languages you should go for building desktop applications. 

  • C#
  • C++
  • Python
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Swift
  • Ruby
  • Red
  • Go

Future of Desktop Application Development

Several organizations prefer web applications over desktop ones. Google Docs replaced Word Office, SkyDrive is used for storing files, and whatnot.  Does that mean desktop apps are considered a past thing? That is barely the case. Desktop applications are still widely used and are still prevalent.

Let’s lay our eyes on some cases where desktop application development services will stay relevant for a long time: 

  • Business Software: organizations generally opt for desktop app development when they have to collect and store a massive amount of sensitive information. 
  • Games with complex UI: Some video games that take up a lot of space, need high performance, and majorly depend on GPU are developed only as desktop applications. 
  • Apps in the background run: users require applications to function in the background in some cases. Users prefer desktop apps over web apps in such cases. 
  • Enterprise applications: Businesses that need applications with advanced functionalities and need to perform several complex tasks for example DAS, ERP, and others. 

Summing Up

To say the least, desktop application development has maintained a leading position in the IT industry so far. There will be no wrong in saying that desktop app development will continue to evolve and improve in the forthcoming years. That is entirely evident from the fact that tech giants Apple Inc and Microsoft are investing a plethora of money in the development of new desktop applications as well as the right tools. Experts also predict that we will face a new type of application in the near future that will integrate the best of desktop and web app development. These applications will be secure, robust, and easily accessible. 

Hence, you should contact a custom software development company if you are interested in developing a functional application based on your business needs. Ensure to approach a competent organization with years of experience in the industry. 

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